PNB Elections Committee
Proposed Agenda
July 23, 2007

Roll Call & Call to Order
1. Amend & Approve Agenda (5 min)
2. Review and Approval of Minutes (5/20/07, 6.17.07) (5 min)
3. Special Reports (10 min)
A. Elections Supervisor
B. Update from Director members on any PNB motions relevant to the committee's work
C. Committee Report to PNB
4. Workgroup Reports and Issues (55 min)
A. Technology Followup (Williams) (5 min)
B. Elections Timeline (Roberts) (10 min)
C. Staff Lists (Lederer) (10 min)
D. Motion on Composition of Staff Lists Workgroup (Birden) (10 min)
E. Technical Advisory (VanAken) (5 min)
F. Membership Lists (Roberts) (10 min)
G. Motion on Teleconference Phone Systems (Birden) (5 min)
5. Unfinished Business (20 min)
A. Station Policies on Membership Waivers (5 min)
B. Participation Workgroup Recommendations (5 min)
C. NES/LES/Committee Recommendations (5 min)
1) Campaign Use of Membership Lists (Lederer)
D. Manner of Election of Affiliate Directors (Allen) (5 min)
6. New Business (10 min)
A. Motion that Directors report PNB actions regarding election matters to the Elections Committee (Birden) (5 min)
B. Other New Business (5 min)