PACIFICA, KPFT-LSB, Governance Committee
Annual Convening meeting, February 7, 2018, 7pm Central time
419 Lovett, Houston TX, KPFT conference room

Proposed Agenda

A: Opening business

A.10: Roll Call / establish quorum 5m
A.20: Approve Agenda 5m

A roll sheet will be available for all persons wishing to join the
Governance committee.

B: Public comment, CPB compliance 30m

C: Establish purpose and function of Governance committee

D: Discuss interests of attendees, commitment of time to
Governance work, and generate internal objectives for 2018

Proposed topics.

2018 Elections at KPFT, current status of listener and Staff
voter lists, status up to date, ready to hand-off to LES.

Review of bylaws, proposed, issues, needs.

Article 8 Section 2 and 3, unclear language resulting in violations.
Investigate quorum problems, possible improvements.

CAB adherence with CPB guidelines

KPFT local special and standing rules, need updating.

Z: Closing business

Z.10: Schedule next meeting 5m
proposed Mar 7, 2018 7:00pm

Z.99: 9:00pm Adjourn