WPFW Regular LSB Meeting
December 13, 2017
1990 K Street N.W. Washington, D.C.
Robert Simms,
Ellen Williams Carter Secretary
I. Call to order
At 6:35 pm a quorum was established. Robert Simms
called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm.
II. Roll call
19 Members were present at roll call: Robert Simms,
Maskeelah-Myrtle Washington, Ellen Williams Carter (non- voting), Louis Wolf, Eileen Rosin, Nick Arena (non-voting), Jim
Brown, Julie Hewitt, Benito Diaz, Cliff Smith, Martha Peterson, Ron Pinchback, Donald Williams, , Tony Leon, Vickie
McGill, , Eric Ramey, Meredith Cordisco, Campbell Johnson, Gloria Turner, Lona Alias, Nancy Sorden
3 Excused absence:
Christine Cotter, Sabooh Hakim, JW Nightwolf
The GM Jerry Paris was present.
The IPD Katea Stitt was not
Timekeeper: Lona Alias
III. Approval of Agenda
Agenda Amended and Approved
IV. Approval of the
The November 2017 regular meeting minutes were approved.
V. Finance Report by Treasurer, Nick Arena
Board approved the 2018 WPFW budget. The cash flow will be challenging from December through March. The expenses are
roughly $90.to $100,000 per month. Currently the Station has $60,000 in the bank. The LSB members support is needed for
the “End of the Year” fund drive. LSB members and volunteers can use on line tools to ask friends and family to give to
WPFW. LSB members and volunteers are needed for December 30, 2017 to answer phones all day for the “One Day On-Air
Fundraising Day” supported by LSB matching funds. The “Off Air” fundraising events are the “New Year’s Eve” party and
the January 25, 2018 Comedy Night. LSB members volunteered to help with all of these events. Any slowdown in payments
puts the station at risk for intervention by the IED and PNB.

VI. Management Reports
The General Manager,
Jerry Paris stated the following:
The U St Jam raised about $8,000 and money is still being received. He stated that
several individuals are interested in attending a New Year’s Eve party sponsored by WPFW. He is working on producing
the event. An announcement with PSA's will start this week. He is working on several new revenue producing strategies.
Irving Owens will help produce proposals for grants. His company is CABEL Foundation. During the last week in December,
there will be an end of the year fund drive instead of a mid-January fund drive. The General Manager stated that he is
seeking investors to purchase the license.
VII. Community Comment
Joe Brown (community member) – In the United
States Senate election in Alabama 97% of the woman voted for Doug Jones. The WPFW financial situation is important. He
want to be included in the close session (executive session).
Tony Norman - He stated that the concept of any
station swapping or leasing a license should be discussed in public with community members (listeners).
Benito Diaz stated that he was unable to report information that was discussed in PNB executive sessions.

IX. Programming Committee, Donna Grimes (chair)
Donna Grimes sent a motion for the Programming Committee:
move that the LSB request that the General Manager provide the LSB Programming Committee with the following information
items regarding the community feedback about WPFW programming:
1. Comments received and responses submitted through
the website: info@wpfw.org.
2. The most recent fund drive results by program identifying programs that met, exceeded
or did not meet established goals.
3. Report of the CAB Survey results which were compiled in 2015.
LSB members in
favor of the motion 18, Against 0
X. MASC Committee
No report was shared.
XI. Outreach and Development
U street Jam fundraiser raised $8,000 and money is still being received. Tony Norman acquired T-shirts that were used
for the U St Jam. The Resistance Comedy fundraiser raised $4,000. A Town Hall Committee is needed. A Town Hall meeting
is planned for January or February.
I move that a Town Hall Meeting Committee is needed to plan a meeting
for January or February.
LSB members in favor of the motion 10, Against 8
XII. WPFW LSB Officer’s election
Chairman - Rob Simms, Vice Chair - Louis Wolf, Secretary - Ellen Carter, Treasurer - Nick Arena.
Adjourn Regular Meeting at 8:30 pm
XIV. Executive Session 8:35 pm reconvened
The executive session relates to
proprietary information.
Executive Session adjourned at 9:45pm
XV. Adjournment
Motion to adjourn: There was no
Robb Simms adjourned the regular meeting at 9:45 pm
Meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm
Minutes submitted
by: Ellen Williams Carter