The agenda (with times) follows:
1) Within each group, people introduce themselves (8 minutes)
2) Groups select
their chair (5 minutes)
3) Led by each chair, discussion will go around the tables. Each person will be given up to
two minutes to express their ideas. No one will be restricted to discussing the designated subject. The goal is for
people to express their wants, needs, and concerns related to KPFT and Pacifica (16 minutes)
4) Discussion will go
around each table a second time. For up to one minute, participants will share their reaction to what they just heard (8
5) General discussion (20 minutes)
6) Presentations from each breakout group chair to all assembled (5
minutes per breakout group…estimated number of breakout groups 7…estimated time 35 minutes)
7) Up to two-minute
responses from each member of the LSB (24 minutes)
8) Up to two-minute thoughts from other individuals (15
9) Summary and action items presented from co-chairs perspective (5 minutes)
10) Adjournment