KPFT Local Station Board
October 11, 2017
The Montrose Center, Houston, Texas

Adriana Casenave
A Robert Mark P Staff
Bill Crosier P Peri McCary P Rhonda Garner P
Elayne Duncan P
Susie Moreno P Robert Gartner P
Nick Economides A Susan Radwan P Wally James P
Anisa Faruqi
P Jamie Rodriguez A Lars Headington A
Alexandra Hunter A Katherine Sinclair P Clif Smith
Jim Krafka P Deb Shafto P Mike Lewis P
Adrienne LaViolette P Vanecia Williams
Gerald (Jerry) Lynch P Ted Weisgal P

7:17 Call to Order by Chair Weisgal
Letter of resignation from Lars Headington.
Shafto moves to void his resignation because he may need
time to adjust to the way business is done. Motion reframed by Chair to accept this resignation. Motion fails 9 to
Roll Call interrupted by Robert Gartner who says his complaint against Rhonda has not been handled.
to investigate instituted: Adrienne Violette, Jerry Lynch, Vanecia Williams, Anisa Faruki, Mike Lewis
Motion by
Rhonda Garner to move up Item I, removal of chair from LSB. up to Item 5. Vote was 8 for, 8 against, motion
Motion by Krafka to move budget to 8C. Passes 10 in favor. No votes not counted.
Motion by LaViolette to
postpone indefinitely the removal of Weisgal as chair. Motion fails 7 to 9.
Crosier moves to add 15 minutes for
Pacifica financial situation after public comment. Motion fails 8 for and 9 against.
Garner moves to remove Items 8A
and 8B, the trials of Robert Mark and Bill Crosier. No vote is taken.
LaViolette moves to have Rhonda ejected from
the meeting
Chair ruled that disciplinary matters take precedence.
Crosier raises point of order that they do not.
No vote is taken.
Mark amends the motion to eject LaViolette
Chair rules that the amendment is not
Discussion interrupted for listener comment.

Upon resumption, Lynch moves to reconsider the motion
to allow Crosier to make the report of Pacifica finances for 10 minutes. Passes without objection.

Approval of
minutes postponed.

McCary, as chair of the Investigative committee recommends a trial of Bill Crosier be
undertaken. Motion approved on roll call vote 10 for, 9 against. Date set for Friday, November 10th.
Mark N Staff
Bill Crosier N Peri McCary Y Rhonda Garner N
Elayne Duncan N Susie Moreno Y
Robert Gartner Y
Anisa Faruqi Y Susan Radwan Y Wally James N
Katherine Sinclair Y Clif
Smith Y
Jim Krafka N Deb Shafto N Mike Lewis N
Adrienne LaViolette Y Vanecia
Williams N
Gerald (Jerry) Lynch Y Ted Weisgal Y

Committee recommends suspension from LSB, PNB, and as
an officer of the Corporation until outcome of the trial. LaViolette moves to remove the last two provisions from the
vote, leaving only the suspension of the voting rights on the LSB. Amendment passes 13 for, 1 against. No vote taken on
the motion as amended.

Chair brings to the floor the motion from the Investigative Committee for the trial of
Robert Mark.

On a point of order, LaViolette asks for a re-vote on the motion to accept Lars Headington’s

Robert Mark asks as a point of privilege that everyone vote in favor of bringing him to

Chair declares it is now 9:30 and he will allow a revote to accept the resignation of Lars

Garner objects to taking a revote on accepting the resignation of Lars Headington. Chair accepts it
as an appeal of his decision, and calls for a vote on the decision.

On a point of order, Crosier points out
that an appeal of the decision of the chair is debatable. The debate commences. No vote is taken on the ruling of the

Gartner moves to rescind the previous vote to not accept the resignation. Chair accepts the motion as
moved and seconded and puts it on the floor for a vote.
Crosier makes a point of order that in order to move to
rescind, you must be on the winning side of the vote.

Chair rules Crosier’s point of order out of order, Crosier
appeals the ruling of the chair. No vote is taken.

Chair recognizes a motion has been made and seconded to extend
time as it is past time certain for the meeting to end. No vote is taken.

Chair then declares a motion to adjourn
is on the floor. And takes a vote.
Motion fails 7 to 7.

Chair declares the motion to rescind the vote on
accepting the resignation of Lars Headington. Vote is 8 to 8 with chair breaking the tie making the vote 9 to 8. Motion
fails as it requires 2/3 majority.

Motion to hold trial for Robert Marks brought back to the floor. Motion passes
without objection. Trial set for November 17th.

Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by Deborah Shafto,

Secretary, KPFT LSB