The KPFT Local Station Board
The Montrose Center
401 Branard St., Houston, TX 77006

of the May 10th Meeting KPFT Local Station Board
Adriana Casenave p Alexandra Hunter p Susan Radwan
Rhonda Garner exc.ab Di Conkling exc.ab. Jim Krafka p
Jaime Rodriguez exc.ab
Robert Gartner
Don Cook p Jerry Lynch p Deb Shafto p Wally James p
Bill Crosier p Robert Mark p K.C. Sinclair
exc.ab Hank Lamb p
Elayne Duncan p P.K. McCary p Ted Weisgal p Mike Lewis p
Anisa Faruqi p Susie Moreno p
Vanecia Williams p Clif Smith p

Meeting called to order at 7:05 PM by Chair Weisgal
Agenda was approved as
presented and recognitions were made. Acknowledged were Henry and Alma Cooper, P.K. McCary, Hank Lamb, Theresa
Item K was added under new business vote” 15 for and 0 against
7:20 Consent requested for GM Job
7:30 Moved and approved for 2 minutes each for the PNB and each committee report.
Bill Crosier:
National committees were elected and are beginning to meet.
Adriana Casenave: Majority not allowing the minority to
discuss issues. She complains of not being allowed to listen.
Robert Marks: Audit Committee is ready to review CPA’s
report and ready to interview.
Committee of Inclusion: Adriana changed the date for the first meeting
Greg reported that the committee had not met.
Elections: Bob Gartner reported that the committee had not yet
Governance. Elayne Duncan and P.K. McCary committee has not met yet.
Affiliates Task Force has not met
Obidike Kamau gave the Managers report.
8:00 Public Comment
8:35 Committee reports continued
Budget and
MSRC PK to convene for Standing and Special Rules Saturday at the SHAPE Center
Council moved to the June Meeting
8:45 Hank Lamb resigned
8:50 MSRC - GM Selection - moved to reconsider and not
discuss approved unanimously.
Item X-C.Board retreat: should have a plan by next week.
9:10 Item X-D Staff,
programmer and Board Social Events planning. Alexandra, Cliff, Jerry and Obidike.
Item X-E Website Development:
Coordinated by Robin Lewis, meeting 5/18, 7PM Don Freeman and PK McCary
Item XI CAB meeting 10:00 AM Saturday 5/13
at the station
Town Hall meeting. Cliff, PK, Hank and Obidike
XII Renewal of HPJC. Vote to close debate 13 for 0
against. Move to rejoin and pay $25.00 passes 13 to 3 SBPK Elected to be our delegate by 9 to 1 for Anisa
Move to
change banks passed unanimously.
9:40 Reverted to Executive Session

Deborah Shafto