The chair recommends that the Standing Rule for our agenda be suspended and that following VII. Consent Items, XII. New
Business (A-K, carried over from the May meeting come before VIII. Pacifica National Board & PNB Committee Reports and
the rest of this agenda. This requires a majority vote. It is not debatable.

KPFT Local Station Board Proposed
Meeting #7
June 14, 2017, 7:00 pm
The Montrose Center
401 Branard, Houston, TX 77006

I. Call
to Order
II. Acceptance of the Resignation of Staff Representative Hank Lamb and the seating of Staff Representative
Lars Headington
III. Staff Recognition IV. Roll Call
Listener Representatives:

Adriana Casenave
Di Conkling
Bill Croiser
Elayne Duncan, Vice Chair
Anisa Faruqi
Alexandra Hunter
Jim Krafka

Jerry Lynch
P. K. McCary
Robert Mark
Susie Moreno
Susan Radwan
Jaime Rodriguez
Deb Shafto,
K. C. Sinclair
Ted Weisgal, Chair
Vaniecia Williams

Staff Representatives:
Robert Gartner
Wally James
Hank Lamb or
Lars Headington
Mike Lewis
Clif Smith
General Manager (ex-officio, non-voting): Obidike Kamau
Treasurer: Nick Economidis
V. Agenda Approval
Minutes Approval
VII. Consent Items
VIII. Pacifica National Board & PNB Committee Reports
Note: For the
following Pacifica National Board and PNB Committee Reports, the chair is recommending a maximum of four minutes for
each PNB member to report and two minutes for each committee member to report. Only those committees who have met shall
be asked to report. These reports will be a total of 50 minutes long should each member take the maximum amount of
1. Bill Crosier 2. Adriana Casenave 3. Robert Mark 4. Rhonda Garner
A. PNB Audit Committee (Elayne
Duncan, P.K. McCary)
B. Committee of Inclusion (corrected to Sexism and Racism) (P.K McCary, Adriana Casenave, Susie
C. PNB Development Committee (Jaime Rodriguez, Greg Audell)
D. PNB Elections Committee (Bob Gartner, Di
E. PNB Governance Committee (Elayne Duncan, P.K. McCary)
F. PNB Programming Committee (Anisa Faruqi,
Mike Lewis)
G. Affiliates Task Force (Nancy Saibara-Naritomi, Teresa Allen)
H. Archives Task Force (Nancy
Saibara-Naritomi, Anisa Faruqi)
VIII. Interim General Manager Report (Recommended amount of time…10 minutes)
Obidike Kamau
IX. Standing Committee Reports (Recommended amount of time…3 minutes per report…only those committees
who have met shall report.)
A. Anti-Racism and Diversity: Georgia Provost
B. Budget & Financial Oversight: Nick
C. Development: Jaime Rodriguez
D. Facilities Management & Planning
E Governance: P. K. McCary

E. Management Selection and Review: Jaime Rodriguez
F. Outreach: Vaniecia Williams
G. Program Council:
Program Policy:
I. Technology All committees are headed by conveners. Chairs need to be approved.
X. Special
A. Program Council
B. Community Advisory Board
C. Board Retreat: P.K. McCary
D. Staff, Programmer
& Board Social Events: Jerry Lynch
E. Website Development
F. Houston Peace & Justice Center: P.K. McCary
Unfinished Business
A. Town Hall Meeting: P.K. McCary, Clif Smith, Hank Lamb, Obidike Kamau
B. Program Council
Election Status Report and relationship to LSB taking into account the LSB Duty (Bylaws/Article 7/G: “to work with
station management to ensure that station programming fulfills the purposes of the foundation…”
XII. New Business

A. Underwriting: Affirming of Policy presented by Obidike Kamau and Brian Sanchez
B. Open Journal: Motion
encouraging producers to devote extensive time to political issues. (TW)
C. Open Journal: Motion encouraging
producers to reopen phone lines to members of the community. (TW).
G. Fund Drive Motion: The Local Station Board of
KPFT hereby moves the following:
1. The KPFT Local Station Board affirms that the KPFT General Manager should
develop a fund drive schedule with pledge revenue goals for each fund drive aligned with the annual KPFT “Listener
Support” budget.
2. The KPFT Local Station Board recommends that a fund drive committee be formed by the General
Manager 60 days or more before each regular fund drive to organize and leading each fund drive. The fund drive committee
should include at least 5 individuals with an appointed chairperson. Such committee may consist of KPFT staff, KPFT
Local Station Board members, or volunteers.
Establish general “pitch” and “promotion” guidelines, including selecting appropriate premium items and providing on-air
staff with appropriate and consistent “pitching points.”
2. Meet with individual programmers (in person, by
telephone or e-mail) to plan a pitch and promotion strategy specific for each show.
3. Work with the Development
staff to solicit and schedule challenge funds, as well as donations from third parties that may be offered as premium
4. Schedule on-air “pitch assistance” as well as volunteer phone staff to support and staff the drive.
Provide necessary training to KPFT staff, volunteers and others assisting with the fund drive. The chairperson of the
committee will furnish to the KPFT General Manager, the Executive Director and the KPFT Local Station Board a written
summary of the fund drive results within ten (10) days after the conclusion of the fund drive.
1. The fund drive goal and final results;
2. The total pledges received, average pledge
amount and the number of pledges received for each KPFT program;
3. Identification of KPFT staff, whom, in the
committees’ opinion, demonstrated exemplary support and diligence with the pledge drive;
4. A list of Local Station
Board Members volunteering for at least one phone shift during the drive, or otherwise contributing to the planning or
execution of the fund drive.
5. The KPFT Local Station Board recommends that the KPFT General Manager work with the
KPFT technology and development staff to: (1) enable credit card pledge transactions and member database system (a.k.a.
“MemSys") updates for pledges received between the hours of 6am and 10pm on weekdays and 8am to 5pm on weekends during
the fund drive to be entered immediately as pledges are received; and (2) to facilitate a process for “thank you” gifts
to be processed and mailed directly from “pledge central” whenever possible after credit card transactions are approved.

6. Each LSB Member will be expected to participate in the planning and execution of each fund drive. The LSB will
task the Secretary with compiling a list of LSB members not participating in each fund drive.
7. The Local Station
Board recommends to the General Manager that a 1 or 2-day fund drive be scheduled in late December to encourage and take
advantage of late tax-deductible year end giving. As respects points 1. and 2. above, a late December fund drive of 1 to
2 days in duration or less shall not be considered a regular fund drive.
H. PSAs: Motion encouraging the
announcement of LSB committee meetings X number of times, X number of days before said committee meetings. Motion to use
the technique of filling blanks to determine X. (TW).
I. Fundraising motion to encourage the LSB to make outgoing
calls to lapsed members and other potential donors from KPFT by the end of July. (TW).
J. Motion to establish a
Community Partners committee of KPFT's LSB, to work with management to review community partners to ensure they are not
detrimental to the social responsibilities of the station. (BC).
K. Motion from iGM Obidike Kamau to affirm agreement
with The Montrose Center based upon his report (see VIII and original proposal developed by former Development Director,
Robin Lewis, that was a part of the May agenda. Motion will be distributed after a meeting with the Montrose Center’s
Development Director Kent Loftin on June 6.
L. Folio: Motion requesting from management a status report regarding a
Program Guide, its budget (if any) and where we go from here. (RG)
M. Jerry Lynch: I move that we meet in A Committee
of the Whole to discuss the overall balance of programming and use as the start of our conversation the great success of
the Amy Goodman event and what is happening in the world every day. I suggest that this is a golden moment for KPFT
which should not be missed. We should advise management to adjust the programming to include more political content.
Further, I say that it is important that there be an easy to follow schedule such as talk/politics from 6:00 AM to 9:00
PM M-F. and music the rest of the time. There is no substitute for an understandable schedule. I suggest that KPFT
announce, with as much detail as possible (names of guests or topics), what is going to be on during the latter part of
the day. Telling people to go to the web is no substitute.
N. Broadcast or Stream LSB Meetings: Article Six,
Section 7: In view of this article in the Pacifica Foundation Bylaws: “The Board shall make reasonable efforts to
broadcast or webcast all its public meetings, and committee meetings, whether such meetings are in-person or
telephonic,” what steps should we take? An Informal Discussion. (TW)
XIII. Public Comment (Time Certain: 8PM).

XIV. Next meeting date and time: Wednesday, July 12 @ 7pm.