WBAI Community Advisory Board (CAB) Meeting Agenda

LOCATION of Meeting:
The WBAI Studio
388 Atlantic
Brooklyn, NY 11210

June 11, 2017, 1:00p 3:00p
Call to order note time

1. Roll call of
members present
2. Read minutes of last meeting for approval
3. Present agenda for approval
4. Officer
reports: Chair, Vice Chair, Recording Secretary
5. Committee reports
1. Member updates on previously presented
topics (concise & to the point, please)
6. Important business which was previously designated to be considered at
this meeting
7. Unfinished business pending from previous meetings
8. New business
9. Member & guest comments &
10. Announcements
. Next meeting: July 16, 2017 at 60 Wall St. NY, NY 10001
11. Adjournment note