WPFW Regular LSB Meeting
April 12, 2017
1990 K Street N.W. Washington, D.C.
Robert Simms, Chair

Ellen Williams Carter Secretary
I. Call to order
At 6:40 pm a quorum was established. Robert Simms called the
meeting to order at 6:40 pm.
II. Roll call
20 Members were present at roll call: Robert Simms, Eric Ramey,
Maskeelah-Myrtle Washington, Ellen Williams Carter (non- voting), Louis Wolf, Donald Williams, Eileen Rosin, Nick Arena
(non-voting), Martha Peterson, Sabooh Hakim, Jim Brown, Tony Leon, Julie Hewitt, Lona Alias, Benito Diaz, Gloria Turner,
Ron Pinchback, Sandra Butler-Truesdale, Christine Cotter, Cliff Smith, Meredith Cordisco, Vickie McGill
2 Members
Late: Campbell Johnson, JW Nightwolf,
1 Excused absence: Nancy Sorden,
The GM Jerry Paris was present.
IPD Katea Stitt was present.
Parliamentarian: John Tatum
Timekeeper: Meredith Cordisco
III. Approval of
Agenda Approved
IV. Approval of the minutes
The March 8, 2017 regular meeting minutes were
Minutes Approved
V. Management Reports
The General Manager, Jerry Paris stated the
• The status of the Leonard Restricted fund is the following:
Jerry Paris spoke with Dr. Leonard and
he lifted the restrictions on the fund; consequently, it was determined that the funds were used properly.
• There
will be a new telephone service that is less expensive as of April 20. The cost is reduced if we share content on the
fiber with CNN and CBS.
• The Public Affairs programs are Podcast. The Public Affairs programs are streaming all
over the world.
• The GM purchased a camera for $600. Which will stream live audio and video.
• The Pledge drive
will take place from May 7 through May 27.
• The transmitter is in good shape.
• A new employee has been hired.
Her name is Annette Carson. She will do the accounting.
The Interim Program Director – submitted a written
The Interim Program Director, Katea Stitt stated the following:
These activities were broadcast:
• March
8 International Women’s
• March 10 Native American tribes
• NEA Awards
The Voices that Change the World jump
drive will be available during the Spring Drive from May 7 through May 27. Chris Garlock will provide postage again.

The last drives jump drive premiums have gone to donors. 85% of the premiums were sent to donors.
special Programming:
• Earth Day April 22
• The Cannabis Festival
• April 29th Pacifica will air on WPFW the
Peoples Climate March a national broadcast for 4 of the 5 stations. Produced by WPFW with contributions from WBAI,
KPFK, KPFT, and the Affiliates Program.
• Funk Parade on the May 6th
• Saturday, July 8, Sound Scene at the
Hirschhorn sponsored by DC Listening Lounge
• August 8-27, Documenta 14 Radio Program: Every Time A Ear di
Eric Ramey
Are negotiations still going on with the Prince George’s County
Cliff Smith statement:
We should cover Emancipation Day.
They would not reach out
to us.
Moe Thomas statement:
Our ratings have improved.
VI. PNB Reports
Benito stated that the IED put
together a recovery plan.
VII. Community Comment
Jim Brown (community member)
There was a motion to support
the GM. What Happen to that Vote?
Norman Hill
Thanks for putting in the data service RDS.
Donna Grimes
Program committee would like access to the Info@ wpfw.org information.
Starr Bowie
Why is there no public
affairs programming on weekends? She thought the women’s shows were great.
VIII. Finance Report by Treasurer -
submitted a written report
The treasurer, Nick Arena stated the following:
• The GM hired a new part-time Business
• The restriction on a previous donation has been eliminated.
• A reduction of operating expenses to be
implemented by April 15.
• A restructuring and elimination of telecommunication expenses are forthcoming.
• There
will be a focus on major donors and other gifts prior to May 3 Pledge Drive.
2016-17 Budget update
Updated YTD
financial statements are not available.
In addition, the treasurer submitted a motion for the LSB:
vehemently opposes any actions by the Pacifica National Office, Pacifica Foundation and the Pacifica National Board to
alter or change the programming of WPFW to a ‘relay’ station for any other programming not approved by WPFW. In
addition, we insist that the Pacifica National Board direct the IED and financial staff of the Pacifica National Office
to provide a detailed explanation of its criteria for what constitutes ‘financial recovery and stabilization’ and
‘significant financial improvements in finances’ for WPFW in its plan dated March 30, 2017 to the WPFW LSB in writing by
April 18, 2017.”
Excerpt from the Pacifica Recovery Plan dated March 30, 2017 – Re: WPFW:
h. All efforts will be
made so that the Station cuts its shortfall of approximately
$300,000 a year, becomes current in payment of Central
Services and be restored to
financial health this year. The current station management has been encouraged to
help from outsiders, including an experienced former general manager, who
have intimate knowledge of the Washington
market and can provide knowledge to
make an effective change in the composition of the programs. The LSB can also
an important role in providing an insight into this change in direction.
i. If turnaround efforts do not show
significant improvements in the next 6 months, then
Pacifica’s executive management is prepared to implement
additional plans which are
fully described in the “Contingency Plans” section.
Contingency Plans
IF, we do not see significant improvements in the finances of WBAI (New
York) and WPFW (Washington, DC) in the next
4-6 months, Pacifica's executive team is
committed and determined to take additional measures to restore Pacifica
network finances to
financial health. As other stations are doing relatively well or stable and/or only
improvements are necessary, no contingency plans are being considered for those.
The contingency
plans may include the following:
1. WPFW – Washington, DC:
a. Much of the programming of this station could be
temporarily replaced with
programs produced at other Pacifica stations, at least for a few months. Only a
staff would be needed to maintain the operations while plans are made to
restore the station to sustainable
b. A new management team / advisor may be brought in to turn around the finances
with or without the
help of existing management, as needed.
c. If other measures are unsuccessful, bids / proposals might be invited from
third parties for licensing agreements where the operations may be turned over to
them for a fee,
provided that they agree to serve the needs of WPFW listeners. This
will save Pacifica the amount of losses that are
being incurred by the station at this
time or for any future losses. Because the station does not have any
external debts, there will be less hurdles in making future arrangements.

It was requested that
the motion be placed on WPFW’s website and sent to Bill Crosier, Interim Executive Director, Pacifica

IX. Outreach and Development Committee
The WPFW LSB will sponsor the following fundraisers:

1. On Saturday June 10, 2017 from 8pm -1am at 10th and U Street the WPFW LSB will sponsor the Spring Fling with WPFW
Programmers as DJs.
2. The LSB collected money from LSB members to purchase flyers that advertise the station and
40th Anniversary.
3. On September 16, 2017, the LSB will sponsor a walk/run fundraiser.
X. MASC Committee
committee met with the General Manager. The next meeting was scheduled for April 26, 2017.
XI. Programming Committee
– submitted a written report
The Program committee stated the following:
• The Programming Committee met on March
23, 2017. They did not have a quorum, but they discussed items on the agenda.
• Representatives of the committee met
with the General Manager. He agreed to attend PC meetings on a bi-monthly basis.
• Programming recommendations that
have been approved by the LSB program committee cannot be enacted until the GM actively responds.
Two issues that
the committee would like addressed are:
• Negotiate roles and responsibilities of the LSB, PC and GM concerning
programming at the Station.
• Provide access to the info@wpfw.org mailbox so that the PC can assist with responding
to program related comments from the public in a timely and professional manner.
XII .Executive Session
the Regular meeting at 9:00 pm
Reconvened for the executive session at 9:10 pm
Closed meeting concerned
personnel matters.
Convened the regular meeting at 9:40 pm
XIII. Adjournment
Motion to adjourn: There was no
Robb Simms adjourned the regular meeting at 9:45 pm
Meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm
Minutes submitted
by: Ellen Williams Carter