WPFW Regular LSB Meeting
February 8, 2017
Howard University College of Engineering,
and Computer Sciences College
2300 6th St NW
Washington, DC 20059
Robert Simms, Chair
Ellen Williams
Carter Secretary
I. Call to order
At 6:30 pm a quorum was established. Robert Simms called the meeting to order at
6:30 pm.
II. Roll call
12 members were present at roll call: Robert Simms, Eric Ramey, Maskeelah-Myrtle
Washington, Ellen Williams Carter (non- voting), Louis Wolf, Donald Williams, Eileen Rosin, Nick Arena (non-voting),
Martha Peterson, Sabooh Hakim, Jim Brown, Tony Leon, Julie Hewitt, Lona Alias
5 members Late: Benito Diaz, Campbell
Johnson, Nancy Sorden, Gloria Turner, Ron Pinchback
6 Excused absence: JW Nightwolf, Sandra Butler-Truesdale,
Christine Cotter, Cliff Smith, Meredith Cordisco, Vickie McGill
The GM Jerry Paris was present.
The IPD Katea
Stitt was absent.
Parliamentarian: John Tatum
Timekeeper: Meredith Cordisco
III. Approval of Agenda
IV. Approval of the minutes
The January 11, 2017 regular meeting minutes were approved.
V. Management Reports
General Manager Jerry Paris
The General Manager stated the following:

• The Pledge Drive is doing very well.
• As a result of eliminating staff overtime, the pledge drive pay period
is less costly.
• The Pacifica Archive Thumb drive: Voices That Changed the World is very popular. Many listeners
have requested it as a gift.
• On February 7, 2017, I sent a check to get the thumb drives for donors. Chris
Garlock is providing inexpensive postal for mailing the drives.
• The transmitter antenna is functioning at 100%. We
are back to full power.
• A transmitter for remotes was purchased for $600.
• Staff issues have been finalized
with the Union.
• The rent has been paid and the agreement is in effect.
• The National office aged accounts
payable is outstanding.
• The PGC Council has approached WPFW about programs.
• The community has stated that
the station sounds good.
• Bethesda Blues and Jazz has called about doing some programs.
Eric Ramey:

There is a matching grant that was submitted. What is the status?
GM: I will look in to it.
Louis Wolf:

Has there been jamming of our station’s programming?
Are there things we can do to prevent jamming?
GM: We
went to alternate passes.
Martha Peterson:
Who will send out the premiums?
Chris Garlock will send out
the mailing at a discount.
Interim Program Director Report - submitted a written report.
The following information
was in the report:
January Programming 2016
• WPFW Covered the DC/MD/VA primary election
• WPFW broadcast the
election results from Busboys and Poets Brookline.
• WPFW did a New Year’s Day special programming, New Jazz. It was
a 12 hour broadcast produced by Willard Jenkins.
Upcoming Special programming
On January 16th MLK Day WPFW did
cutaways during regular programming to cover the 2017 MLK Peace Walk from Ward 8.
Inauguration Broadcast
covered the full Inauguration. The broadcast was entitled Voices of the Nation: A Call to Action.
• It was produced
by Katea Stitt, Sue Goodwin and Argin Hutchins for WPFW/Pacifica.
Potential/New Programming
The Jazz and Justice
strip airs 3:00p to 5:00pm is a mix of music and social justice interviews/ message.
Newest program on Tuesday is:
District Timba: Cuba Beyond the Embargo
Upcoming Special Programming
February 20-24 Negritude: Celebrating the
Black Experience throughout the Diaspora
A week-long commemoration celebrating the global contributions of African
Americans in honor of Black History Month.
Pledge Drive
We are doing extremely well this pledge drive!! At this
writing, we are already at $149,433.50 (43.7% of the goal).
WPFW participated in a Volunteer Fair at
Montgomery College’s Takoma Park Campus this past Tuesday. 15 young people signed up, and are interested in
volunteering at WPFW. Vinnie Jack will follow up with them.
Sad News
On Friday, February 3, we lost our dear
brother Yves D’Ayiti, host of Kombit Lakay, and former Chair of the LSB.
VI. PNB Reports
John Tatum was the Parliamentarian at the January 2017 PNB meeting.
Nancy Sorden
Pacifica is
experiencing cash flow problems. They have a lot of property that is valuable and licenses.
The 2015 audit will
cost $32,000 to complete.
Jim Brown
The election controversy involves politics. Two or three seats are needed at
the California stations.
Lona Alias
Is it possible to refinance the Pacifica property?
Pacifica owns all the property.
Eileen Rosin
What is the California premium problem?
I will check premium issue?
VII. Community Comment
Howard University Students presented proposals for
1. Engage community in broadcasting
2. Use Black Twitter type programs.
3. Address Gentrification
by allowing minority community members to come on a show and talk about it.
Ron Pinchback
How could
we get students to support the station?
Howard University Students
Howard University student radio interns could
complete internships at WPFW.
Joe Brown community person
The Station sounds great. Thanks WPFW for being on the
air. WPFW needs to find an affordable building for the station.
Tony Norman community person
He stated that Yves
D’Ayiti was dedicated to the station. He hopes that we do something for him.
Robb Simms
I will reach out to his
VIII. Finance Report by Treasurer - submitted a written report.
The Treasurer stated the following:
Acting Pacifica controller Efren will provide one day a week KPFA’s business manager for WPFW’s bookkeeping. Barry
Brooks is the business manager.
WPFW needs a Quarterly accounting of budget and expenses.
IX. Outreach and
Development Committee – submitted a written report
40th Anniversary Celebration
The committee is planning an event
at Prince Hall to get seed money for the 40th Anniversary Celebration.
Committee members Martha Peterson and Sabooh
Hakim distributed the WPFW flyers at Gluck Food Co-op.
WPFW LSB Retreat:
A written report was submitted which
included a proposed date, location, and agenda. Three proposed dates for the retreat was presented February 28, March 4
and March 11. The proposed time 10am - 4pm. They are looking for a facilitator from the community.
The committee did not meet. There was no report.
XI. Programming Committee – submitted a written
• The LSB Show will air on Friday February 17 at 11:00 am. Guests will include several new LSB members. The
current Fund Drive will be promoted during that hour.
• PC recommends further developing and acting on Martha
Peterson’s proposal in support of the Fund Drive which the General Manager approved. The idea is to bolster individual
programmers’ fund-raising efforts by arranging for community members to deliver testimonials for the music and public
affairs programs they enjoy.
• Also, the PC requests that action be taken immediately on two policies proposed by
the PC, approved by the LSB and resubmitted last year. They concern the Programmer/Staff Bill of Rights and Grievance
• PC asks that the email password for community feedback on recently broadcast music or public affairs
programs be provided to the PC chair. The address for receiving these comments is Info@wpfw.org.
XII .Executive
Recessed the Regular meeting at 8:40pm
Reconvened for the executive session at 8:45pm
Closed meeting
concerned personnel matters.
Convened the regular meeting at 8:57pm
XIII. Adjournment
Motion to adjourn: There
was no objection.
Robb Simms adjourned the regular meeting at 9:00pm
Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm
submitted by: Ellen Williams Carter