Minutes of the KPFK Local Station Board Governance Committee of May 21, 2010

(second draft-pending approval)

A regular, monthly meeting of the KPFK Local Station Board Governance Committee
was held on Friday May 21, 2010 at KPFK, 3729 Cahuenga Blvd. West, North
Hollywood, California 91604-3504. John Wenger served as Chair. John P. Garry
III served as Acting Secretary. Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

In attendance: Ken Aaron (LSB), John Cromshow (LSB Chair) Israel Feuer, John P.
Garry III, Kim Kaufman (LSB) Ronald C. Spriestersbach, John Wenger (LSB).

Excused absences: Fred Klunder (LSB Governance Committee Chair), Ricco Ross
(LSB), Shawn Casey O'Brien (LSB), Leslie Radford (LSB), Sherna Gluck, Summer
Reese (LSB).

7:39 PM meeting called to order by Wenger.

Motion to approve minutes. Approved without objection.

Excused absence requests were accepted without objection.

Governance Committee Agenda

Roll Call
LSB Agenda
New Business
Review Action items
Set next Meeting

LSB Open Meeting Agenda is discussed and assembled.

Motion from Wenger for inclusion in the agenda: "The LSB shall form a PD Search
Committee at the June 2010 Meeting, following the same procedure used to select
the GM Search Committee, with seven (7) LSB-Listener members, and four (4) LSB-
staff members." Motion accepted without objection.

Motion from Wenger for inclusion in the agenda: "Station management shall
provide real time, total access to the Arbitron raw data, including historical
data, to LSB members, programmers, and station staff." Motion accepted without

Completed agenda is read and approved without objection.

The next meeting of the LSB Governance Committee was tentatively scheduled for
June 10th.

Adjournment at 11:40 PM

Submitted by John P. Garry III, Acting Secretary.
(These minutes have not been approved).

Appendix A-LSB Agenda for 5/22/2010