KPFK Local Station Board Finance Committee

Draft Meeting Minutes, May 20, 2010

A regular, monthly meeting of the KPFK Local Station Board Finance Committee
was held on Thursday May 20, 2010 at KPFK 3729 Cahuenga Blvd. West, North
Hollywood, California 91604-3504. John Wenger served as Chair. John P. Garry
III served as Acting Secretary.

In attendance: Ken Aaron (LSB), Bernie Eisenberg, Israel Feuer, John P. Garry
III, Kim Kaufman (LSB), Dutch Merrick (LSB), Summer Reese (LSB) John Wenger
(LSB), Roger Zimmerman.

Excused absence: Fred Klunder (LSB).

Temporary participant: Kwazi Nkrumah (KPFK Community Advisory Board Chair)

7:34 PM Meeting called to order.

Kwazi Nkrumah mentions the Einstein Plan theatrical group. They have committed
to contribute a percentage of profits from their performances to the Pacifica
Foundation. Discusses other funding possibilities with other organizations

John Wenger says we should determine our listener members. There is a limited
number (of slots on the committee for them). Listeners must be less than or
equal to the LSB members in attendance. Rank ordering is needed if more
listeners show up than LSB members. WBAI has a better procedure for this. They
take resumes for listener committee members. This is a governance issue.

Ken Aaron: On KPFK website, there is a staffing policy, it also says a person
can only be on two committees. This does not apply to LSB members.

John Wenger produces a paper copy of the policy, gives to Bernie Eisenberg.

Dutch Merrick asks how the ranking order is ascertained.
John Wenger. Create lots.
Ken Aaron: This is the policy.
Bernie Eisenberg: Clarifies voting ranking policy-says it isn't fair.
Ken Aaron. It's a governance question.
Bernie Eisenberg: Non-LSB members-what about the intentions form that were
filled out and given to John Cromshow?
Ken Aaron: The policy exists, this is the policy. We should follow it. Let's
get on to a finance agenda.
John P. Garry III: Let's meet as a committee of the whole
Kim Kaufman: We can't do that.

Summer Reese arrives 7:54.

John Wenger: discussion of printing financial reports. Personnel discussion,
Summer Reese, Roger Zimmerman.

Discussion of what reports to print. Some members leave to print documents.
Copies of KPFK LSB Committee Staffing Policy distributed. Ken Aaron and John
Wenger discuss the composition of the agenda. Members suggest items for the

John Wenger reports on PNB meeting regarding the FAP. Summarizes Finance
Committee FAP agenda item passing at previous LSB. PNB lacks a means of
receiving LSB motions. PNB did not vote on rescinding the FAP. John Wenger met
with PNB members informally. He expressed concern to LaVarn Williams (CFO). She
said that she wasn't concerned with KPFK. Berkeley check was purposefully lost
so KPFK building would be put up (this is hearsay). PNB does not perceive us as
a problem. We aren't going to have a problem.

Summer Reese: PNB has not discussed the FAP at PNB meetings. Our motion is not
objected to at PNB.

Ken Aaron: Management will use reasonable judgment (regarding financial control
from PNB). The hallmarks are obvious.

Summer Reese: Problems are in Berkeley and New York. Commits to bringing it up
at the next meeting.

More agenda items suggested by Israel Feuer, Dutch Merrick. Dutch says the
station budget is behind. Discussion of email communications on budget matters.


1. PNB reports (including FAP)
2. Budget prep status
3. Arbitrons
4. Financials
5. Violation of the hiring freeze
6. Fund Drive report
7. Committee Reports (housekeeping)

Item 1: PNB Report. Summer Reese reports.

Item 2: Budget Prep; Summer Reese reports.

Discussion/questions/responses/suggestions: Dutch Merrick, Bernie Eisenberg,
John Wenger, Summer Reese, Ken Aaron, Roger Zimmerman.

Summer Reese discusses budget preparation history and issues. "There is no
place that history resides."

Questions/discussion: Summer Reese, Ken Aaron.

Discussion of PNB Budget Preparation Timeline. Availability of Station Business
Manager (Anthony Ibarrola). Day versus evening meetings, potential costs.

Discussion: Dutch Merrick, Summer Reese, John Wenger, Kim Kaufman. Roger

Discussion of Bob Conger and General Manager budgetary duties, possible
solutions: Dutch Merrick, Summer Reese, Bernie Eisenberg, Kim Kaufman.

Data is lacking for Financials, document print-out troubles. Ken Aaron suggests
a verbal report. Summer Reese declines.

Item 4 dropped for lack of full documents.

Item 3: Arbitrons; John Wenger argues for LSB Finance Committee access to
Arbitrons, which can be used with other objective measures. Arbitrons are in
the hands of Bob Conger and Alan Minksy, and unidentified others. Programmers,
producers, the Music Director do not have the Arbitrons. Dollars per program
can be calculated, dollars per download, and fund drive info. Arbitrons can
identify programs that need help, including "mission compliant" programs, which
can be supported or changed. Fiduciary responsibility requires it.

Discussion/questions: Dutch Merrick, John Wenger, Israel Feuer, (answers are
now timed) Ken Aaron, Roger Zimmerman, Summer Reese, Bernie Eisenberg, John P.
Garry III.

Summer Reese answers John P. Garry III, discusses how Arbitrons were previously
shared at KPFK as of last year.

Ken Aaron: Arbitron changed their mode of polling/interaction.

Discussion: Dutch Merrick "Arbitron is based on the word "arbitrary.'"
Discussion continues: John Wenger, Israel Feuer, Summer Reese.

John Wenger reads a motion regarding access to Arbitron data to be referred to
the LSB.

Discussion/suggestions: John Wenger, Ken Aaron, Dutch Merrick, Summer Reese,
Kim Kaufman, Israel Feuer.

Motion amended to include: "including historical data"

Discussion/suggestions: Dutch Merrick, John Wenger, Summer Reese, Ken Aaron,
Roger Zimmerman.

Summer calls for a vote.

Discussion/suggestions: Dutch Merrick, John Wenger, Ken Aaron, Summer Reese,
Israel Feuer, Bernie Eisenberg, John P. Garry III.

Amended motion:

"Station management shall provide real time, total access to the Arbitron raw
data, including historical data, to LSB members, programmers, and station

Passes with objection.

Item 5. Hiring Freeze. Summer Reese reports.

Discussion/questions: Ken Aaron, Summer Reese, John Wenger, Roger Zimmerman,
Kim Kaufman, Dutch Merrick, Bernie Eisenberg, Israel Feuer. Summer begins
drafting a motion.

Item 6. Fund Drive Reports. Israel Feuer introduction; Figures should be made
available to the LSB and the staff, as well as past figures. Pledge fulfillment
(and other) figures to presented in a regularly accessible way.

Discussion: Roger Zimmerman. John Wenger reads from a "Pledge Count" document.

Discussion: John Wenger, Israel Feuer, John P. Garry III, Ken Aaron, Summer
Reese, Bernie Eisenberg.

Item 7. Committee Reports/Housekeeping. Dutch Merrick; Question regarding
report transmission/delivery.

Discussion: John Wenger, Summer Reese, Roger Zimmerman.

Summer Reese: Question of financial reports from the Business Manager. Means of
connecting LSB Treasurer with Business Manager. Reviews of financials are
falling behind. We are having meetings without paperwork. We could use a mail

Discussion: Dutch Merrick, Summer Reese, Ken Aaron, Bernie Eisenberg, Kim
Kaufman, John Wenger, John P. Garry III.

Item 8. Fund Drive Report. Bennie Eisenberg introduces; January 2010
Financials, 2009, question regarding discrepancy.

Discussion: Summer Reese, Roger Zimmerman.

Summer Reese moves to address motion regarding hiring freeze to the next

Discussion: Ken Aaron, Israel Feuer, Ken Aaron, John Wenger, Summer Reese,
Bernie Eisenberg, Roger Zimmerman.

Scheduling of next meeting. Thursday June 10 suggested by John Wenger.

Discussion: Ken Aaron, John Wenger, Kim Kaufman.

Bernie Eisenberg raises issue of how volunteer hours of committee members are
communicated to Membership.

Discussion: John Wenger, Ken Aaron, John P. Garry III, Dutch Wenger, Dutch
Merrick, Kim Kaufman.

Meeting is adjourned 10:28 PM


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