KPFK Finance Committe Meeting 2/25/2010

Fred convenes 7:30

Present: Fred Klunder, John Wenger, Terry Goodman, Lawrence Reyes, Kim
Kaufman, Ken Aaron, Roger Zimmerman,
Reza Pour, Bernie Eisenberg, Moe Mansour, Summer Reese, Tracy Larkins, Doug
Barnett, Marla Bernstein

(Tracy is not joining the committee)


a. FY'10 approved budget
b. January 2010 KPFK Financials (Income Statement & Balance Sheet)
c. FY'10 budget w/prior years (from CFO)
d. 10/09-1/10 Consolidated P & L
e. Fred's Appeal & Proposal re: Pacifica Fiscal Accountability Policy
f. KPFK Staff List w/FTE breakdown

1. Discussion of FY'10 budget by Summer. Questions from committee.
a) Doug asks about $45K capital expense scheduled for March.
b) Bernie asks about $130K increase in development expenses.
2. Discussion of committee staffing policy.
a) LSB to track committee volunteer hours.
3. Discussion of Fiscal Accountability Policy and alternatives.

Motion from John Wenger that the KPFK Finance Committee recommends that the
LSB urge our Directors to seek a 60-day deferral of the recently adopted
Pacifica Accountability
Policy pending adequate review by the KPFK LSB Finance Committee, and that
the PNB seek
specific policy recommendations from all LSB Finance Committees in response
to the
proposed policy changes. 10-2-2

10:15 (On motion of Goodman) Meeting adjourned to time certain of
Wednesday, March 3,
2010 at 7:00 pm, at the station.