. KPFK LSB Finance Committee
Meeting of July 16, 2009

A regular quarterly meeting of the KPFK LSB Finance Committee was held at the
station on Thursday, July 16, 2009, as properly noticed on the station's
website. No minutes were approved.

Members present: Jonathan Alexander, Doug Barnett, Marla Bernstein, Terry
Goodman, Ian Johnson, Summer Reese (arrived at 7:54).

Members absent: Ronda Dixon, John Wenger

Also present: Sean Heitkemper (left at 9:10), Anthonu Ibarrola, Grace Aaron,
Israel Feuer

Goodman called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm and called for nominations for
Chair Pro Tem. Johnson nominated Goodman and there were no other nominations.
Without objection, Goodman accepted the position of Chair Pro Tem for the
meeting and appointed himself to serve as Secretary Pro Tem.

There being no draft agenda proposed and a known topic for primary
consideration, the meeting proceeded without adoption of an agenda.

KPFK General Manager Sean Heitkemper was recognized to present a draft FY2010
budget, which had been sent to committee members via email in advance of the
meeting. As presented to the committee, this budget fell about $160K short of
meeting the Foundation's fiscal policy of requiring one month's operating
expenses in reserve as a surplus at end of year, so would require a PNB waiver
if approved by the LSB.

Motion from Reese (as amended by Barnett and others in discussion):
"Resolved, that the Proposed KPFK Budget for FY2010 (revision of July 16, 2009)
be revised to include 3 to 4 creative single-day fund drives to reduce the
projected shortfall in reserve accumulation, and that management present this
revision at the July 2009 LSB meeting."
Approved without objection at 8:55 pm.

[NOTE: The LSB Finance Committee did not approve a FY2010 budget by resolution,
but in recommending management presentation of a revision of the presented
budget to the LSB it allowed itself to be discharged from further FY2010 budget
review responsibilities without formal motion, or for that new budget to be
referred back to the committee for additional review, at the LSB's option. If
the amended budget still fails to meet the reserve requirement but is LSB
approved, it might be returned to the LSB and the local committee by the PNB
Finance Committee.]

Motion from Barnett:
"Resolved, that the KPFK GM is requested to obtain from the KPFA GM details of
actual air conditioning expense figures from that station in fiscal years 2005
through 2008 for review by the KPFK LSB Finance Committee."
Approved without objection at 9:02 pm.

[NOTE: Clarification was obtained from the maker that the information desired
is details as to the number and type of HVAC units installed at KPFA and the
costs associated with repair, maintenance, replacement, and re-ducting over
about a five-year period. No estimates of the annual oe monthly cost of
electricity for operating these units is requested.]

Motion from Reese:
"Resolved, that $12,000 be added to budget line item 6760 for advertizing,
promotion, marketing research, and public relations (potentially including bus,
bus bench, taxi, and/or billboard advertizing), and for identifying and taking
advantage of free advertizing opportunities."
Motion approved at 9:33 pm.

Motion from Reese:
"Resolved, that $12,000 be added to the budget for an internship program at
KPFK, including but not necessarily limited to collaboration with area
community colleges."
Motion approved at 9:43 pm.

The meeting was adjourned at about 9:45 pm.

Terry Goodman
Secretary Pro Tem