KPFK Programming Oversight Committee (PrOC)
March 7, 2005

Present: Sherna Gluck, Israel Feuer, Alan minsky, Eva Georgia, Armando Guidino,
Bill Gallegos, Don White, Rodrigo Argueta, Francisco Martinez, Rafael Renteria,
Margo Eiser

Facilitator: Sherna Gluck
Note-taker: Bill Gallegos

1. Role of the Program Overdsight Committee, the iPC, and the CAB
. The PrOC assesses whether policies and procedures related to programming
are in place and being correctly applied.
. The Community Advisory Board conducts an annual assessment of programming
. iPC - develops policy proposals related to new programming, removing
current programs.

As a follow-up to the discussion at the Board Orientation re organizing some
discussions on the future role of a Program Council, the tenure of the iPC etc.
those present at the PrOC meeting during the discussion agreed that it would be
a good idea to hold a joimnt meeting with the Organization Committee of the
iPC, which is also beginning to discuss these issues. A tentative date of 17th
March, immediately before the LSB meeting (5 to 7pm) was agreeable to the
members of both the PrOC and iPC Organization Committee who were present during
the discussion. Eiser took responsibility for contacting the convener of the
Organization Committee, Kimberly King.

2. Role of Management on PrOC
The station manager is an ex-officio voting member of the PrOC.
The program director is an ex-officio, non-voting member of the PrOC.

3. Special Programming
Special event programming requires more foresight and planning. The station
will develop a calendar of special events such as International Woman's Day,
May Day, the Chicano Moratorium, etc. and request proposals from programmers
for programs for these events. Final decision on this program is with

4. LSB and iPC members and programming
. There have been cases of LSB members proposing or developing new programs.
Because there should not be even the appearance of undue pressure or
favoritism for LSB members with regard to programming, the following
policy is proposed by PrOC.

Policy Proposal:
. Local Station Board Members and iPC members not elected by programmers can
not host regular shows on KPFK. This policy does not apply to existing
collectives of which LB members are a part, or who have current programs.
. LB members and iPC members can go on the air if asked to be part of a
specific program that relates to their field of expertise.
. Henceforth, an LSB member can be a member of a programming collective as
long as they do not go on the air.

5. Indecency Policy
Eva Georgia said that since the fine for violation of FCC indecency policy is
$500,000, and since such a fine could cripple KPFK, there needs to be a much
stricter policy in place for violations.

6. Promos
How do promos get on the air? What is the policy?
. Programmers can promote whatever events or activities they want, as long
as it doesn't raise money, or represent a call to action.

7. Issues related to collectives
Francisco asked the committee for clarification of a problem related to the
Central American program. Although the PrOC decided that this issue was not
something we could address, the committee decided to review the definition of
Collectives, using as a starting point the original proposal by Acting GM

8. Issues related to Dr. Person-Lynn
The issue relating to Dr. Person-Lynn has been unresolved for a long time and
both station management and Dr. Person-Lynn desire resolution. Rafael Renteria
reported that he and Sister Charlene Muhammad had been asked to represent Dr.
Person-Lynn in any further discussions.

The following proposal was offered to try and resolve this matter: It did not
come to a vote. The PrOC ask Dr. Person-Lynn and Management to each provide
the committee with a one-page summary of their position. The papers would be
distributed to both parties. The PrOC would meet with each party individually
and give them ten minutes for an oral presentation/response/question and
answer. After this process has been completed, the PrOC would make a
recommendation to the Local Station Board.