Pacifica National Board
Finance Committee Regular Meeting - April 9, 2007


A regular meeting of the PNB Finance Committee was called to order at 5:13 pm
PDT by Chair LaVarn Williams with Terry Goodman serving as Secretary. The
minutes of 3/01/07 were approved.


Present: Dave Adelson, Baruti Bediako, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Jane Gatewood,
Terry Goodman, Lonnie Hicks, Sandra Rawline, Berthold Reimers (arrived late and
left early), and LaVarn Williams.
Absent: Thomas Ruffin, Bob Sanborn.

Revised Agenda
1) Roll Call and approval of agenda (5 minutes)
2) Approval of Minutes - March 1, March 22 (5 minutes)
3) Next Meeting -Thursday, May 24, 2007 @ 8:00 PM EDT (5 minutes)
4) CFO Report (30 minutes)
a) Finance teleconference - LSB Treasurers, Business Managers, CFO
i) Budget timeline
b) Board Report
c) February Financials with Balance Sheet
5) Unfinished Business (40 minutes)
a) Review the RFP Project Proposal
b) Update on DDD Project Proposal
c) Investment Policy
d) Work in Subcommittees
e) Joint meeting teleconference of PNB Finance and Audit Committees to
review/ approve
draft Financial Policies and Procedures Manual.
f) Operations meeting in July with CFO, Unit General Managers, and Finance
Directors - budget process and initiatives, strategic planning
implementation / advance
submission of management proposals
g) Goals and Projects
6) New Business (15 minutes)
a) Public Access to Station and Pacifica Financial Statements
b) Other
i) Pacifica station bill-back policy
7) Adjourn
**Times are for guidance only ***

1. Roll Call and Approval of Agenda
The Agenda was revised and approved without objection.

2. Approval of Minutes
The March 1st meeting minutes were approved without objection on the motion of
Brian Edwards-Tiekert. Approval of the March 22nd minutes was postponed
without objection on the motion of Terry Goodman.

3. Next Meeting
The next committee meeting was scheduled for Thursday, May 24, 2007 at 8pm EDT
without objection on the motion of LaVarn Williams.


4a. Finance Teleconference
The CFO announced a finance orientation teleconference scheduled for Thursday,
April 12, 2007 at 5:00 pm PDT.

4b. Board Report
The CFO's report to the PNB was distributed to committee members with the
February Income Statement and Balance Sheet by email prior to the meeting.
Discussion was incorporated into the CFO report, below.

4c. February Financials with Balance Sheet
A CFO Report including a review of February financials was given by Lonnie
Hicks from 5:28 to 6:32 pm, including Q&A from committee members. The CFO
indicated that the Pacifica Income Statements and Balance Sheets distributed to
the Finance Committee are public, but that other distributions are not public
unless so indicated.


5a. Review the RFP Project Proposal

Motion from Dave Adelson that the committee now consider the CFO's RFP proposal
so as to provide committee feedback on the process and review the preliminary
estimate of financial impact prior to the upcoming finance orientation
Motion subsequently ruled out of order.

Substitute motion from Brian Edwards-Tiekert that the committee have 30 minutes
of informal discussion on the RFP proposal and then postpone the remainder of
discussion to an adjourned meeting.
Motion ruled out of order (as the main motion it was amending was out of

Point of order by Jane Gatewood that no vote of the committee is required to
begin discussion of an item on the agenda when its time has arrived.
Well taken.

There was discussion of the RFP Project Proposal.

Motion from LaVarn Williams that the meeting adjourn at a time certain of 8:00
Motion passed without objection.

Motion from Terry Goodman that the NFC finds that the CFO's proposal to
allocate up to $45,000 annually towards projects approved by award through an
RFP process is financially feasible for the current fiscal year if national
mail drop revenue remains on projection.
Motion tabled by arrival of the time certain for adjournment.

5b. Update on DDD Project Proposal
Dave Adelson announced that the PNB approved a public posting to invite
additional applicants and that no other decision has yet been made regarding
the proposal.

5c. Investment Policy
The CFO will coordinate an informal workgroup from volunteers to draft a policy
proposal for committee review.

5d. Work in Subcommittees
5e. PNB Finance and Audit Committees Joint Teleconference
5f. Operations Meeting in July
5g. Committee Goals and Projects
Discussion postponed by meeting adjournment.


6a. Public Access to Station and Pacifica Financial Statements
6a(i) Pacifica Station Bill-Back Policy
Discussion postponed by meeting adjournment.

Motion by Sandra Rawline to adjourn.
Motion withdrawn without objection.

Motion by Dave Adelson (as amended on the motion of LaVarn Williams) that the
Committee adjourn to a time certain of Tuesday, April 17, 2007 at 5:00 pm PDT.
Motion passed without objection.

7. Ajournment
The meeting was adjourned without objection at about 8:10 pm PDT.

Respectfully submitted,
Terry Goodman, Secretary
These minutes were approved on May 24, 2007.