Draft Agenda:
I. Call to order; Roll Call
II. Approve Agenda
III. Approve Minutes T. Allen Resolution: "Move
to postpone approval of the 2016-09-06 minutes to the next Affiliate Taskforce meeting."
IV. Notice soliciting
Affiliate Director candidates: Resolution: Affiliate Taskforce requests that Pacifica Affiliate Director, Ursula
Ruedenberg send out by Sept. 30, 2016, notice to Affiliates soliciting applications for the two Affiliate Director
positions. Nominations shall close on Nov. 15, 2016. Applications shall be submitted in writing to the Pacifica
Foundation Secretary, as follows:
Janet Kobren, PNB Secretary .
(Today's Pro Tem
Chair, Jan Goodman, will coordinate with the Affiliate Director.)

V. Review/Brainstorm potential services to
Affiliate stations
VI. Appoint pro tem Chair and Secretary for the next meeting.
VII. Set next meeting
Adjourn meeting