Times not firm; listed as guidance, except bold.

1. a. Call to Order
and Opening Business 7:00 pm
DeWayne Lark, LSB Chair 05m
b. Roll
Call / Establish Quorum/ Excused absence request 05m
Susan Radwan, Secretary

Delegates Staff Delegates
Teresa Allen Alán Alán Apurim Don Cook Tony
Kevin White Anisa Faruqi Susie Moreno Joseph Davis
Adriana Casenave Bill Crosier
DeWayne Lark Mike A. Lewis
MariaElena Castellanos Hank Lamb Wesley Bethune George A.
Phil Collins Gerard (Jerry) Lynch Deborah Shafto Cliff Smith
Nancy Saibara-Naritomi Susan
Radwan Ted Weisgal Vinisha Patel-Adams
Duane Bradley, GM (Ex Officio)

c. Approval of
Agenda 10m

d. Reading of Minutes 05m

2. KPFT Recognitions 10m

3. Pacifica
National Board Report 15m

4. General Manager’s Report

5. Chair’s Report 10m

6. Standing Committee Reports

a. Development 5m
b. Budget and Finance:
c. Facilities Management and Planning (written report posted) 1m
d. Governance
e. Outreach 5m
f. Technology 5m
g. Management Selection and Review
h. ARDC 5m

7. Public Commentary [Time affixed at 8:00
pm] 30m

8. Special Committee Reports
a. Community Advisory Board (CAB)
b. Committee of Inclusion (COI) 2m
c. Ad Hoc Committee on Program Council

9. Unfinished Business
a. Date for Fundraising Event – September 25,
2016 05m

10. Old Business
a. Hank Lamb’s Motion on “Investigation” at KPFT
performed 05m
by PNB Director.

b. Joseph Davis’s Motion to censure all persons who have
attempted to influence with lies, misinformation, presenting as
authoritative, and otherwise using
their credibility to act against
KPFT LSB member MariaElena Castellanos and force her off the

c. Vinisha Patel-Adams’ Motion: LSB directs GM Duane Bradley 05m
to list and explain for what safety
issues is Nancy Saibara-Naritomi
banned from KPFT station premises.

d. Nancy Saibara-Naritomi’s Motion
on enforcement of bylaws 05m
that George Reiter take leave of the KPFT LSB for 2 years of
the date this
motion passes.

11. New Business
a. Hank Lamb’s Motion: Whereas Article 7.3E of the bylaws states as a
responsibility of the LSB:
E. To screen and select a pool of candidates for the position of station Program Director,
from which pool of approved candidates the station's General Manager shall hire the station's Program Director. The LSB
may appoint a special sub-committee for this purpose.
And whereas our current Program Director has announced his
intention to resign by Aug 9,
The KPFT LSB will set up a committee to select and screen a pool of candidates in
accord with the procedures developed by the PNB.

b. Ted Weisgal’s Motion: In view of the fact that Duane Bradley
will be meeting with the Management Selection and Review Committee on August 17, I am moving that the LSB have a carry
over meeting on August 24 to discuss and react to the report of the MSRC.

12. Order of

XII. 13. Next Meeting
• Regular LSB: September 14, 2016 at Montrose Center

14. Adjournment 10:00 pm