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roll call
Motion Re Acceptance of
Resignations Submitted by Joseph Davis, KPFT LSB
Whereas our bylaws in Article 16 defers any process not specifically
specified to Roberts (RONR);

Whereas RONR page 4 lines 3 to 9, require not only choices, but all actions of a
body to be approved by majority vote in a properly convened meeting, and this is the 'standard' of our parliamentary

Whereas many directives specified in our bylaws have no special need to be resolved between properly
convened meetings, and may have concerns that need to be addressed, following the standard of our parliamentary law is
to our advantage, in assuring all such matters are properly resolved without unnecessary risk to the

Whereas our bylaws in Article 4, section 9 do not provide a procedure apart from RONR regarding

Whereas RONR page 3 lines 1 to 9 specifies no member can be deprived of their rights except through
disciplinary proceedings;

Be it resolved any existing customs regarding the acceptance of resignations between
properly convened meetings be abolished in favor of the standard in our adopted parliamentary law, in compliance with
RONR page 19 lines 9 to 15. This resolution will both protect the foundation from potentially libelous precipitous
actions and protect the rights of all delegates to the fullest


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