draft agenda
roll call
Postponed motion introduced by George
The PNB Governance Committee
recommends to the PNB that the intention of bylaws

Article 4, Section 9

Any delegate shall be removed
from the position of Delegate, and cease to be a
Delegate, upon the occurrence of any of the following: (A) said
Delegate's death
or resignation; (B) upon the occurrence of a disqualifying act, e.g. the
appointment to an
elected political office; (C) failure of a Delegate to attend
three consecutive Local Station Board meetings, which
absences have not been
excused by a majority vote of the LSB members present at the meetings in

is that upon receipt by the secretary or chair of an LSB of a resignation notice
from a delegate, the
delegate will be immediately considered as having been
removed from the board, and replaced immediately as required
by Article 4,
Section 10.
The same procedure is to be followed for a disqualifying act, or upon the
failure to
attend three consecutive LSB meetings.

We recommend that the Chair of the PNB forward this interpretation to
the KPFT
LSB, and that the KPFT LSB be required to comply with procedure described above
as being the intention of
the bylaws.

Process for improving committee organization after elections-Cerene

Do the bylaws allow or
prevent attendance at LSB meetings electronically?-George

Adjourn 10:30PM ET