KPFK Local Station Board Meeting
November 11, 2008
Draft Minutes

A meeting of the KPFK Local Station Board followed a Delegates meeting on
Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at the Palms-Westminster Presbyterian Church, 2908
Robertson Pl., Los Angeles, CA 90034. Rico Ross chaired, Sue Cohen served as
Secretary Pro Tem.

Twenty-one delegates were present, reaching quorum: Grace Aaron, Dave Adelson,
Jonathan Alexander, Yolanda Anguiano, Chris Condon, Israel Feuer, Sherna Gluck,
Jan Goodman, Ian Johnston, Rufina Juarez, Tracey Larkin, Ali Lexa, Shawn Casey
O'Brien, Reza Pour, Leslie Radford, Summer Reese, Ricco Ross, Jack Van Aken,
Steve Weatherwax, Yosh Yamanaka, and Lamont Yeakey (arrived late).

Also present: General Manager Sean Heitkemper, Secretary Pro Tem Sue Cohen, and
listeners from the community.

Absent and excused: Margaret Prescod, Gabrielle Woods, Donna Warren.

Authority and Notice: An LSB meeting for this date was scheduled by the LSB at
the February 9, 2008 regular meeting. A preliminary notice was posted on the
KPFK website on February 23, 2008 and updated on February 27, 2008.


The LSB meeting was called to order at about 8:40 pm.

Roll was called.

There was a motion to excuse the absences of the following members: Margaret
Prescod, Gabrielle Woods, and Donna Warren.
Yes: 17
No: 1
Abstain: 2
17, 1, 2 passed.

The proposed agenda was distributed. There were numerous changes to the
agenda, including postponement of the approval of meeting minutes.

Personnel Committee Report
Motions from the Committee were distributed and notice was given of a meeting
scheduled for Monday, November 17, 2008, 7:00 pm at the station.
1. (In regard to the PD evaluation) that no survey be done and that a request
for comments be put out to the paid and unpaid staff.
2. If the LSB approves the committee motion on soliciting comments from staff
then a subcommittee be formed.
3. Rescind prior committee motion calling for survey of paid and unpaid
4. Request special executive session of LSB for the purposes of addressing
unequal application of station policy with the PD and GM on Nov. 8.

There was discussion and 2 minutes of public comment on the first committee

Roll call vote:
Yes: Anguiano, Gluck, Johnston, Juarez, Larkin, Pour, Radford
No: Aaron, Adelson, Alexander, Condon, Feuer, Goodman, Lexa, O'Brien, Reese,
Van Aken, Weatherwax, Yamanaka, Yeakey
Abstain: None
7, 13, 0 fails

Time for the agenda item having expired, consideration of the remaining
committee motions was postponed to the next meeting.

General Manager's Report

The GM gave an oral report, mentioning that Tony Bates, Jerry Quickley, and Sue
Welsh have agreed to voluntary layoffs to assist KPFK in remaining solvent. The
status of Fernando Velazquez is uncertain and Jennifer Kiser has been assigned
to seek major donor contributions.

Point of Order from Larkin: Q&A with the GM can continue because the
requirement for public comment has been met.
Chair announces that the venue has granted permission to extend the meeting to

Motion from Gluck to extend the Q&A for 10 minutes.
9, 6, 4 fails.

Motion to extend the meeting to 10:30 pm.
No objection, passes.

There is 5 minutes of public comment.

Outreach Committee Report

There is an oral report from the Outreach Committee.

Finance Committee Report

There is an oral report from the Finance Committee.

Motion from Gluck that LSB Members participate in a phone bank to assist the
station in improving the fulfillment rate on pledges.
18, 0, 1 passes.

There is a period of public comment.

PNB Report

Directors Van Aken, Adelson, and Aaron discuss that the PNB has authorized the
CFO to research applying for a one million dollar loan using the KPFK building
as collateral.

There is a general discussion of this subject, including about 5 minutes of
public comment.

Orders of the Day by Johnston.
Motion from Gluck (as amended) to continue the meeting tomorrow night at 7:30
pm in Studio A at the station.
13, 0, 6 passes

The LSB meeting was adjourned to a time certain at approximately 10:30 pm.

Sue Cohen
Secretary Pro-Tem
(Reconstructed by Terry Goodman in 2016)