Minutes for the special National Finance Committee meeting July 6, 2016.

Meeting convened at 8:33 PM (ET) a quorum being present, the Chair and
Secretary being present.
Attending: Sam Agarwal (CFO), Fred Blair, Adriana Casenave, Joseph Davis, Brian
Edwards-Tiekert (Chair), R. Paul Martin (Secretary), Tony Norman, Michael
Novick, Cerene Roberts, Eileen Rosin, Barbara Whipperman.

Roll Call (5 minutes)

Agenda Review and Approval (5 minutes)

Propagating best practices for fund drives (15 minutes)
Engaging LSB members in fundraising activities (15 minutes)
National Fundraising initiatives (30 minutes)
Direct Mail Campaigns (10 minutes)
Affiliates Underwriting Proposal (10 minutes)
Securing reinstated CPB funding (10 minutes)

Misc/Other Fundraising Proposals (20 minutes)

Adjourn 10:00 PM (ET)

Motion: (Brian Edwards-Tiekert) "To adopt the agenda." (Passed without

The committee discussed the motion.

Fundraising 8:37 PM (ET)

Propagating best practices for fund drives 8:37 PM (ET)

The committee discussed what information is being shared among the stations
which would allow them to help each other to maximize on-air fund raiser
revenue. The CFO said that he has asked for an update on how the recent on-air
fund raisers concluded and that during the leadership calls some things that
have worked may have been shared, but he didn't think that anything has been
formally shared. The leadership calls are among the General Managers and some
Program Directors. The issue of coordination of on-air fund raisers between
stations that share programming was brought up. The need to pay attention to
the content and quality of the stations' on-air sound was mentioned, since
most revenue comes from the on-air fund raisers. The need for the General
Managers to share information on popular premiums was discussed. The need to
lessen the number of days spent in on-air fund raiser was discussed. The CFO
suggested that members look at the results of the on-air fund raisers and said
that if that sharing of information about the best practices for on-air fund
raiser were happening then perhaps we would have seen something different by

Motion: (Brian Edwards-Tiekert) "The National Finance Committee Recommends that
Pacifica's iED convene conference calls between station staff directly involved
with organizing fund drives to identify and spread high-performing premiums and
specials, best practices for pitching during fund drives, billing after fund
drives, and fulfilling premiums after payment.

These should be separate from the weekly 'leadership' calls, and focused
exclusively on fund drives." (Passed without objection)

The committee discussed the motion.

Engaging LSB members in fundraising activities 8:53 PM (ET)

Members discussed what station LSBs are doing in terms of fund raising. Music
events, integrating special programs with off-air speaker's events, and asking
LSB members to "pass the hat," were among the activities discussed. The
possible coordination of authors' tours was discussed.

National Fundraising initiatives 9:08 PM (ET)

Direct Mail Campaigns 9:09 PM (ET)

There have been no direct mail drops this year. The CFO said that one had been
discussed with the interim Executive Director some months ago but he was not
aware of the status of any mail drops. The possibility of buying or renting
mailing lists was discussed. The possibility of using a direct mail drop to pay
for the FY14 audit was discussed. It was noted that direct mailings are in the
National Office FY16 budget. The possibility of getting a loan to do direct
mailings was discussed. The possibility of staggering direct mailings and
having one mailing fund the next mailing was discussed.

Affiliates Underwriting Proposal 9:18 PM (ET)

The proposal brought up last year by the Affiliates Coordinator and Executive
Director John Profitt to initiate underwriting for the affiliates was
discussed. The PNB did not approve a motion to start that program. It was
stated that the PNB had asked the people presenting the proposal to
substantially rework it because there were problems with it, and no new
proposal has been forthcoming.

Motion: (Cerene Roberts) "To extend the time for this item by three minutes."
(Passed without objection) 9:28 PM (ET)
Discussion continued.

Misc/Other Fundraising Proposals 9:30 PM (ET)

The CFO said that the critical thing is the missing audits, and that he was
afraid that by the time they get done that the FY16 audit will be due. He said
that we are almost getting done with the FY14 audit except that we can't pay
for it, for the FY15 audit the books are still being completed and there are
many deficiencies and significant hurdles before we can do that. The CFO said
that there was a bottleneck because the National Office has to get the audits
done while at the same time keeping the FY16 books correct and the work load is
a problem for the limited Staff, and people are working extra hours to get it
done. The CFO said that completion of the FY15 books is a top priority, and the
National Office is trying to complete the form 990s.

There was a discussion of whether or not there was surplus money in some
stations. The need to meet payrolls was discussed.

Misc/Other Fundraising Proposals 9:42 PM (ET)

There was a discussion of laying off Staff in order to get the money for the
audits. The need to increase listenership was discussed. The idea of having
Pacifica serve as a clearinghouse of ethical companies that could serve as
underwriters for Pacifica or the stations was brought up. Crowd source funding
was discussed.

Adjourned 9:57 PM (ET)

Submitted by R. Paul Martin, Secretary.