Draft agenda:

1. Call to order, roll call

2. Appointment of timekeeper

3. Agenda approval (5

4. Election of Committee Chair and Secretary (10 min.)

5. Approve minutes from May. 18, 2016
committee meeting (5 min.)

6. Report from Lynne Serpe, 2016 National Election Supervisor, and Q&A (20

7. Update on request to CFO, and on corresponding motion to PNB, for election costs information (10 min.)
(Note: also see the information we got the day of our last meeting, May 18, although it's still not complete.)

Report from working group on problems with 2015 (and past) elections and potential areas for improvement (45

9. Review Action Items (5 min.)

10. Set next meeting date for Elections Committee (5

Adjourn by 10:30 pm EDT