WPFW Regular LSB Meeting
May 11, 2016
1990 K Street N.W. Washington, D.C.
Olayimika Cole, Chair

Ellen Williams Carter Secretary
I. Call to order
At 6:42pm a quorum was established. Olayimika Cole, Chair
called the meeting to order at 6:42pm.
II. Roll call
13 members were present at roll call: Tony Norman, Eric
Ramey, Maskeelah-Myrtle Washington, Ron Pinchback, Sabooh Hikim, Donald Williams, Ellen Williams Carter, Martha
Peterson, Olayimika Cole, Jim Brown, Marion Douglas-Ungaro, Nancy Sorden, Vickie Mc Gill
Late: Arthur McCloud,
Campbell Johnson, Eileen Rosin
Absent: Al Clark, Lona Alias, Robin Hernandez, Tony Leon, JW Nightwolf, Gloria Turner,
Louis Wolf
Ermias Wosenu and Michael Washington resigned from the board.
Jim Brown is still a member of the board
and programmer.
The GM Jerry Paris was present.
The IPD Katea Stitt was absent.
Appointed Timekeeper: Marion
III. Approval of Agenda
Agenda was approved.
IV. Approval of the minutes.
May 4, 2016 Minutes
were approved.
V. Management Reports Jerry Paris no report was submitted
• Most programmers are making their
• Last pay period we did not make pay roll.
• We will be able to make the next payroll.
• Payroll may
be delayed.
• The ABC equipment has been stalled. The first sale for the bulk of equipment will be 25% for the
• The transmitter- overheating- air condition working fine. Rain storms effects the transmitter power reduced
to 80%
• A new antenna is needed the cost is $50,000.
• The general manager proposed leasing the live @ 5 room
for production and leasing camera’s from Rock Newman to provide the service.
• Leasers for the space have been
• The donor of the cameras wants a percentage of amount paid by leasers.
• Proposed fee for leasers is
$2,500 per camera shot.
Martha Peterson asked will someone monitor the participants in the lease
IGM-We are not putting them on the air. We are only providing a service.
Tony Norman stated that
letters of intent are needed.
IGM The cameras are coming next week.
VI. Community Comment
Brad requested that
we send a thank you letter to Howard University for the use of their facility for our meeting.
Marion Douglas-Ungaro
volunteered to write the letter.
Pete Tucker stated that wpfw is behind two months on it’s expenses. He stated that
we are using restricted funds.
He said WPFW needs new energy. Younger generation. Gave a sheet with
Benito encouraged individuals to see DC Labor fest films April to May 29
VII. Finance Report no
report was submitted
• $100,000 is needed for the station per month
• $400,000 is owed.
• $2,000 is in the
• The restricted fund has $50,000.
• Eileen said long term strategies for the station are needed and
unification of direction for programming.
Tony Norman stated that we can’t use restricted funds.
Finance Committee
will meet in two weeks.
VIII. Programming Committee no written report submitted
No discussion except Starr Bowie
expressed concern that there was no autonomy.
IX. Development and Outreach
Martha Peterson stated that $700. was
raised so far from the LSB Challenge.
Sabooh Hikim will provide a takeout dinner fundraiser on May 21, 2016.
Blues Festival will take place in August 2016.
The U Street Jam will take place in November.
X. MASC Committee
report submitted
The committee will meet on Wednesday, May the 18, 2016 at the station. They want input from the
XI. PNB no written report submitted
The National Office CFO said that the auditor is concerned about
two stations WBAI and WPFW.
XII. Adjournment
Olayimika Cole adjourned the regular meeting at 9:00pm
adjourned at 9:00pm
Closed session began at 9:05pm
Closed session adjourned 9:35pm
Olayimika Cole adjourned
the regular meeting at 9:35pm
Meeting adjourned at 9:35pm
Minutes submitted by: Ellen Williams Carter Secretary
of the LSB