PACIFICA, KPFT-LSB, Governance Committee

Monthly meeting, May 18, 2016
(7:00pm) CST, 812 Westheimer, THEO's
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Proposed Agenda

A: Opening business 7pm

A.10: Roll Call/
establish quorum 5m

Joseph Davis
Bob Gartner
Ted Weisgal
Adriana Casenave
Clif Smith
Nancy Saibara-Naritomi

Wesley Bethune (1)
Don Cook (1)

A.20: Approve Agenda

A.30: Approve previous minutes 5m

C: Public comment
8PM 30m

D: Priority Business - bylaws amendments

Discussion/vote: Director inspection agents. 20m

D.20: Disc/vote: Delegated elections record date.

D.30: Disc/vote: Delegates 15 signatures. 20m

D.40: Disc/vote:
Inconsistent text 20m

F: Unfinished Business

W: New

PACIFICA, KPFT-LSB, Governance Committee
Monthly meeting, May 18, 2016

1900 (7:00pm) CST, 812 Westheimer, THEO's
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W.21: 1. Limit of 5 absences per year of
LSB members: In order to
encourage more serious participation of LSB members there shall be a limit of
5 absences
per year of members' attendance as of May 2016.

W.22: 2. Requirement of at least 2 committees memberships
of each LSB.
In order to have more serious participation of LSB members, there shall be a
requirement of each LSB
member to work and keep up membership in at least 2
KPFT LSB committees, one being either MSRC, Governance or

W.23: 3. Finance oversight during LSB meetings. In order to have
more oversight and
transparency of KPFT finance, the LSB shall conduct Finance
oversight at the monthly LSB meetings with the business
report by the
business manager and general manager, both of whom shall bring LSB requested
documents. The LSB
shall and can invite a CPA (s) to join the checking.
At least 1 and a half hour shall be spent on Finance.

W.24: 4. Any PNB KPFT director must maintain membership in KPFT
Management Selection & Review Committee and
KPFT Governance, and Finance.

W.25: 5. LSB shall have complete authority of the monthly LSB show,
fair rotation of LSB members volunteering and a written roster be kept
of history. The GM and PD will be responsible
for posting the show on the
KPFT website archives in the wording : Local Station Board Report and
Call-in show,
with the members' names listed.

W.26: 6. Failure to post Audio LSB recordings complete shall be
for dismissal of the webmaster and GM.

W.27: 7. Policy on banning. In order to have transparency
banning, the GM shall give a report to the LSB MSRC Committee to vote to
approve or not to approve the actions
and judgement of the GM,

W.28: 8. Announcements of LSB and LSB committees. In order to
full fill
open transparency of meetings to the Listeners, required by
Corporation For Public Broadcasting for CPB funding, all
announcements of
all LSB meetings and LSB committees shall follow the guidelines of the CPB.

Closing business

Z.10: Schedule next meeting 5m
proposed June
15, 2016 7:00pm THEOs

Z.99: 9:00pm Adjourn