2016-09-06 KPFT Development Cmte. Draft Agenda:
I. Call to order; roll call
II. Approve Agenda
lll. Approve
minutes: 2016-08-02
IV. Director’s Report: R. Lewis (including vehicle donations, lapsed donors & mailers)
Upcoming events/old business:
A. ElectroLuv Fest: H. Lamb
B. Greg Palast: R. Lewis
C. Community Allies: R.
D. Pledge Drive Challenges (ex. big donors, special interest pools): R. Lewis & T. Allen
E. Pledge Drive
Community Partnerships (ex. Guitars Not Guns, The Rose)
VI. New business/fundraising projects
A. Chris
Collins/John Denver concert (Jan?)
B. Storytelling event
C. Scavenger Hunt
D. Crowdfunding- for what
E. Birthday Party in March
F. Something for Big Donors & Sustainers? Breakfast?
G. How does promotion
through Social Media compliment these projects?
H. Additional fundraiser brainstorming
VII. Action items