WPFW Regular LSB Meeting
April 13, 2016
1990 K Street N.W. Washington, D.C.
Olayimika Cole, Chair

Ellen Williams Carter Secretary
I. Call to order
At 6:51 quorum was established. Olayimika Cole, Chair called
the meeting to order at 6:51 pm.
II. Roll call
15 members were present at roll call: Tony Leon, Tony Norman,
Eric Ramey, Louis Wolf, Maskeelah-Myrtle Washington, Ron Pinchback, Gloria Turner, Sabooh Hikim, Donald Washington,
Lona Alias, Ellen Williams Carter, Martha Peterson, Olayimika Cole, Al Clark, Vickie Mc Gill
Late: Arthur McCloud,
Campbell Johnson, Nancy Sorden, JW Nightwolf
Absent: Ermias Wosenu, Jim Brown, Marion Douglas-Ungaro, Robin
Hernandez, Michael Washington
The GM Gerry Paris was present.
The IPD Katea Stitt was present.
Timekeeper: Al Clark
III. Approval of Agenda
Tony Norman made a motion that the PNB report should be after the
management reports.
Motion was approved.
IV. Approval of the minutes.
March 2016 Minutes were approved.
Interim Program Director Report - Katea Stitt- Submitted a written report
• Agenda 2016 was launched on March 25th.

• The National election will be covered by WPFW.
• There will be a live broadcast of the D.C. Emancipation
celebration from Freedom Plaza.
• Spanish language programming is being addressed per the PNB mandate.
• As a
result of the success of live at Live at @5, WPFW has been asked to curate the Live@ 5 stage at the Green Festival.

• The DC Jazz Lobby is lobbying the city council on behalf of WPFW.
• News Director Askia Muhammad and volunteer
Sue Goodwin are creating and planning a weekly news program.

VI. General Manager Report- Jerry
Washington Post and Mayor Muriel Bowser was at WPFW.
• A grant writer is coming on board. He has doubled
grants when working with other organizations.
• The General Manager is working out a payment plan with Pacifica for
the National service payments that are in the arears.
• There will be a fundraiser on May 16th 7pm featuring Niki
• The business manager and the GM are working with the CFO to resolve the financial issues.
• We have
received some donations from major donors and expect to receive some more.
VII. Treasurer
Eileen Rosin was
appointed treasurer pro tem. She has nonprofit auditing experience.
VIII. Community Comment
Pete Tucker
the Finance committee:
He stated that these are the most trying times. We don’t have a concrete way to get out of
debt. We owe Pacifica a lot of money and we need a plan for a way out.
David Muse
He said that he was concerned
about being put on long term suspension after he had to take care of his mother. He said he became angry and was put on
indefinite termination.
Cliff Smith
He feels that the Program Committee has no power. The LSB has the power. He
is also concerned about the town hall meeting.
Read a quote from Colleen Powell. He wants to know what is
in the bank. He said there is no plan to support the budget. The Station has no money to use through April. No money
to pay bills.
Herb Scott
Cultural Alliance and D. C. Mayor are willing to help the station.
Aaron Myers
Jazz Lobby are trying to help WPFW.
Starr Bowie
She feels that she is not receiving information about finances
and programming at the meetings. She agrees that management is under a lot of stress. She wants information about
community partnerships.
He feels that everyone can agree that the letter of concern is legitimate. He
said there is a dispute between the chair of PC and members. He feels that the Program Committee lacks authority to
make decisions.
Michael Barfield
He is concerned that he did not see very many community members and programmers
at the meeting. The LSB has to make some important decisions.
Response to questions:
Jerry Paris – Re: rent

To Starr: I met with the owner. He is aware of the financial situation. He said that we can get an extension.

Katea- Re: Town hall
The Town Hall was called off by the program committee.
Katea- Re: Cummunity
The community Partnerships are in the IPD report.
Re: David Muse
David Muse worked as an
operations director. David Muse fired a young man and he was explosive.
Jerry Paris Thanked Sabooh for helping
move materials.
IPD: thanked Jim Brown and Pamela Brewer for Myndtalk and announced that they are leaving WPFW.

IX. Finance Committee Nancy Sorden
All expenses have been covered for this month. The Treasurer pro tem was
unable to attend the meeting. Nancy discussed Martha Peterson’s fundraiser idea which is a challenge for each LSB
member to get friends to make donations.
Questions and responses: from the board
Tony Norman asked what
improvements will be made this pledge drive.
Response: Katea Stitt -IPD
1. Pitching buddies will be
2. We will develop a theme for the Pledge drive.
3. There will be grid changes.
4. We will have
direct computer entries for the pledges.
X.Lorne Cress love:
Spoke About the history of WPFW. She talked about
how we have to save the station.
XI. PNB Tony Norman
Tony indicated that the Bylaw Amendments need to be sent to
the National Office. The National office is working on a recovery plan. Nancy Sorden said that the audit is needed so
that we can get grants, loans and CPB money.
XII. Program committee
The Bill of Rights and Programmer Grievance
Procedures vote is postponed till the next meeting.
XIII. Retreat
Tabled until next meeting.
XIV. Outreach and
Several Fundraisers are planned:
• June 25th Summer Slam Jam
• Blues Festival in August
• U
Street Jam in November
• Aaron Myers and Herbert Scott– Honoring Omara Brown
• Walk – Run in Montgomery County
September 17th
• Dance Place get in form Longest line dance
XV. MASC Committee Report
Motion regarding the
PNB Motion- How do we go about the program director search 2012 - 13 steps steps 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,an d10.
governance issue
Next MASC Committee is on April 20th and the meetings are not open to the public.
XIV.Ad Hoc
Town Hall committee
Town hall was cancelled.
XV.Relocation Committee
Need information.
Olayimika Cole adjourned the regular meeting at 9:40pm
Closed session convened at 9:45pm

Reconvened regular meeting at 10: 10pm
Olayimika Cole adjourned the regular meeting at 10:15pm
Meeting adjourned
at 10:15pm
Minutes submitted by: Ellen Williams Carter Secretary of the LSB