Local Station Board Meeting of October 16, 2016

Aris & Carolyn Anagnos Peace Center

3916 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230

Local Station Board (LSB) Meeting

I. Call to Order 10:45 a.m.

Roll Call Taken, LSB Excused absence request: Mansoor Sabbagh has requested
excused absence. Excused absence request approved by consensus. Unexcused
absences: Aryana Gladney and Tejvir Grewall. Christian Beck, who has resigned
as a LSB member, is also absent.

a) Present are LSB members Chair Sharon Brown, Vice-Chair Roberta Eidman, and
LSB Members Grace Aaron, Ken Aaron, Jonathan Alexander, Lydia Brazon,
Sandy Childs, Leslie Fox, Stephen Frantz, Charles Fredricks, Jan Goodman,
Steve Kaiser, Maggie LePique, Ali Lexa, Michael Novick, Reza Pour, Steve
Pride, Dorothy Reik, Myla Reson, and Fernando Velazquez. Also present are
Runner-up Richard Macias, Treasurer Fred Blair, Secretary Jaime Gomez,
Parliamentarian Barbara Marbach, and GM Leslie Radford.

b) Richard Macias seated in place of Christian Beck, who has resigned. Moved
and passed without objection.

c) Steve Kaiser and Barbara Marbach agree to be timekeepers.

d) Agenda approved as amended by Myla Reson, by consensus. Amended to allow
selection of December LSB meeting date earlier in the agenda.

e) Myla Reson moves to schedule December LSB meeting for December 11, 2016.
Motion passes without objection.

f) Motion to have next meeting on 11/13/2016, accompanied by a Town Hall.
Grace Aaron requests that motion be divided between date and town hall

Town Hall motion carries 8 to 7, with two abstentions. Motion to have LSB
meeting with Town Hall format on 11/13/2016 passes by 11 to 4, with 3
abstentions. LSB designates Michael Novick, Fernando Velazquez, and Reza
Pour to organize Town Hall. These designees will decide upon venue and
starting time. A motion to request that the LSB meeting with Town Hall
format be aired by KPFK is approved without objection.

g) Minutes of 09/18/2016 are approved by consensus.

h) Time certain to adjourn of 1:30 agreed upon by 12 to 2, with 3

II. General Manager's Report (Appendix I)

GM Radford responds to Q&A: Leslie Radford indicates that regarding two
employees whose hours were cut, restoration of hours had been offered, but that
one employee did not want hours restored. Ms. Radford would not elaborate,
citing confidentiality concerns.

Jan Goodman Request: That programmer Roy Tuckman's desires related to restoral
of hours be included in the minutes, as comments by GM are misleading. The
following communication from Jan Goodman and Mr. Tuckman has been authorized to
be made public.

In following up on the discussion with the GM with regard to the budget, and
the possibility of expanding the hours of Roy Tuckman in an effort to enhance
revenue, Jan Goodman inquired of Roy Tuckman whether he was willing to go back
to his midnight to 6 am hours.

His answer was "Of course! I always would have been so willing. My heart is
with the listeners. I have never rejected that idea."

(also refer to Section VIII(d), and Appendix G)

III. Public Comments #1--12:05

IV. Announcements

V. PNB Directors and Treasurer Reports:

Jonathan Alexander: Working on getting audits done in national audit committee
to regain CPB funding.

Michael Novick: WBAI and WFPW have grave financial problems. Finance chair
resigned, and I have been elected to replace him as chair on the PNB Finance
Committee. The Chief Financial Officer has also resigned, as discussed last
Grace Aaron: Serious discussion by national of leasing our New York station,
WBAI. Generally the leases are 5 years, with a mandatory 5 year extension. In
my opinion this would mean that WBAI would no longer exist. Hopefully our new
national board will be able to devise a better plan to hold our network
together. It is unconscionable that senior managers have not requested
mandatory plans for austerity and fundraising measures from station (IED Plan,
Appendix H).
Jan Goodman: Good news is that we have completed all of our station elections
on time for the first time in a long time. Preliminary results may be found at
Pacifica's national website. Also, significant report from affiliates committee
is that there is a nomination process going at this time. Last day for
nominations for Pacifica affiliate directors is November 15, 2016.

Fred Blair: Fundraising projections for current fund drive was 15 days at
$25,000 a day Projected fulfillment rate was 91%. The consequences of using
these overly hopeful projections is an extension of fund drive days. We are
looking at over 150 fund drive days, which is overly burdensome on staff
members. We are basically in a liquidity crisis. Cash coming in is less than
our bills, so critical decisions of who gets paid comes into play.

Q&A from LSB: There is discussion of Pacifica master tapes being sold on e-bay
because of non-payment by PNB/PRA for a storage locker (Appendix H).

Jan Goodman makes motion to support Amy Goodman in her arrest over protest of
Dakotah Pipeline Construction by Native American tribes. Motion passes by
consensus (Appendix B).

VI. Public Comments-1:10

VII. Old Business

Resolution of Support for Sam Agarwal, CFO. Motion passes 12 to 4, with two
abstentions (Appendix C).

VIII. New Business

a) Motion: Policy Change to Allow Treasurer to Chair Finance Committee,
passes by consensus (Appendix D).

b) Motion: Set-up E-mail Communication Line for Listeners, passes by
consenus, as amended by Michael Novick.

Amendments are that 1.) "bilingual English/Spanish" be placed between the
words short and ad, in the clause beginning with the word "Further", and
2.) that a clause be added stating: "Finally, a written report will be
made monthly fdrom the committee to the LSB regarding the input received
and dialogue engaged in." (Appendix E).

c) Motion: Conduct Lapsed Donor Survey, passes 13 to 1, with one abstention.
(Appendix F).

d) Motion from the floor by Grace Aaron: Budget Motion, passes 8 to 4, with
two abstentions (Appendix G).

IX. Closing Business

Meeting adjourns at 2:12 p.m.

Appendix A - Required Notices

Proper notice of this meeting was posted on the KPFK Calendar and at the
Pacifica Calendar as required.

Appendix B -Motion to Support Amy Goodman/Dakotah Pipeline Arrest

Resolved: That the Pacifica National Board be advised to go on record as
supporting Amy Goodman in her rights to report the news, and that North Dakota
should stop embarrassing itself and should immediately drop all charges against
Amy Goodman for doing her job as a journalist, covering a violent attack on
Native American protesters.

Appendix C - Resolution of Support for Sam Agawaral, CFO

Whereas, Pacifica's CFO Sam Agarwal submitted his resignation to the Pacifica
National Board (PNB) on September 8, 2016. Agarwal came to Pacifica in January
2016, at a time when the Foundation was already in extreme financial and
organization distress. He brought depth of experience in non-profit financial
management as well as an MBA.

Whereas, Mandatory financial Audits had not been completed for years, forcing
the loss of critical funding from the Corporation of Public Broadcasting.
General Ledgers across the network were not up-to-date or maintained in a
timely, professional manner.

Whereas, The PNB and General Managers at Pacifica stations have not provided
Agarwal with urgently-requested turnaround plans, solid budgets and spending
restraints. In addition, the PNB often obstructed or limited meeting time to
discuss vital reports from Agarwal or the outside Audit firm.

Whereas, KPFK has not had a full-time Business Manager for over a year. This
position ideally is the professional who works with the GM and CFO to monitor
cash flow, develop operating budgets and business recovery plans. Other
stations lack key personnel as well.

Whereas, Despite these impediments, Agarwal consistently performed with
integrity and professionalism. He demonstrated openness and equity dealing with
all stations, responded to inquiries from LSB and Finance Committee members and
always rose above the fray while forcefully working for solutions.

Therefore, Be it resolved, that the Local Station Board (LSB) of KPFK extends
its appreciation and respect to Sam Agarwal. The Board recognizes the time,
effort and expertise he dedicated to the affairs of Pacifica Foundation.

Further, LSB would support a role for Sam Agarwal as consultant to Pacifica
should conditions force a business transformation

And lastly, the LSB instructs that this Resolution be entered into official
minutes and a copy be forwarded by Board Secretary to Mr. Agarwal.

Appendix D - Policy Change to Allow Treasurer to Chair Finance Committee

This motion asks that the Local Station Board approve an exception to the
committee policy that specifies that Chairs of committees must be LSB members.
This exception is required to allow the Treasurer, who is a Board Officer but
need not be an LSB member, to serve as Chair of the Finance Committee. This
assumes the Treasurer wishes to hold that role, and he/she is elected by
members of the Finance Committee.
Within the Finance Committee, we ask that Treasurer's status be the equivalent
of an LSB member for the purpose of LSB/public committee composition.
Appendix E - Set-up E-mail Communication Line for Listeners
That the Strategic Planning Committee conduct a pilot project to engage
listeners. This will be with volunteer(s) supervised by this committee who will
conduct 2 way email communication with listeners of KPFK.
The Strategic Planning Committee requests that the KPFK GM entrust the password
to access the Inbox of go@kpfk.org so that emails to that address be responded
to. It is understood that all responses will include the following disclaimer:

This email is written by a volunteer under the guidance of the KPFK Local
Station Board and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of KPFK
or the Pacifica Foundation.

Further, the Strategic Planning Committee requests that a short bilingual
English/Spanish ad be placed on the KPFK website inviting people to send emails
to this email address and that occasional on-air announcements be made giving
the email address and its purpose.

Finally, a written report will be made monthly fdrom the committee to the LSB
regarding the input received and dialogue engaged in.


This type of market research may be useful in gauging listener interests and
may help to build community support for the station.

Appendix F - Conduct Lapsed Donor Survey

The Strategic Planning Committee empowers Steve Kaiser and any volunteers he
can recruit to conduct a survey of lapsed members in coordination with the
Membership Director and in communication with the Community Advisory Board so
that this survey does not overlap with what the CAB is doing.

It should be noted that KPFK membership lists must never leave the station or
be given out to volunteers except at the station as needed for the survey.

Appendix G - Budget Motion

Resolved: That in the 2017 budget an income improvement item of approximately
$134,000 be inserted and that this income will result from the restoration of
Roy Tuckman's and Sonali Kolhatkar's hours on the grid.

Appendix H - Miscellaneous Documents from National, etc.

PRA Atchives Found on Ebay


CFO Sam Argarwal Resignation Letter to PNB[pic]

IED Lydia Brazon Recovery Plan for Pacifica

Recovery Plan for September 15, 2016 PNB Meeting by the IED, Lydia Brazon

The current financial situation is unprecedented in the many years since I've
been in Pacifica.

Contributing factors include a combination of inherited, unsustainable, massive
debt, dwindling membership and listeners, and last but certainly not least, the
absence of CPB funding that basically brings us to this grave financial state.

In order to properly effectuate this plan, the PNB needs to approve it in whole
or in part. Some, is simply reporting on something previously discussed and
ongoing and I don't believe requires a PNB vote, such as the appeal letter.
However, I am numbering seven recommendations so that the plan can either be
passed in its entirety as a consent calendar, or numerically divided to be
voted on individually. Some measures need to be enacted simultaneously and
others sequentially. Either way, it needs to be approved by the PNB to be
considered by the auditor. Those items which constitute an expense, would be
contingent on our affordability at the time.

Many of the expense reducing measures have already taken place and were
necessary regardless of our current state, but others will cost us in the
ability to grow our membership and listeners. Some measures are relative to
what can be done depending on the confines of our union contracts at four of
our stations. A recovery plan must both reduce our expenses and grow our
listeners to be effective.

Currently at the PNO, $100,000 per year savings are being realized from the
absence of a salaried E.D. and a reduction of two, soon to be three, staff in
PRA. Depending on how long it takes to replace our CFO who has resigned
effective September 16, the reduction of a monthly salary based on $120,000 per
year will be a factor in the short term. Additional reductions regarding the
departure of other employees in this and other units will be addressed in
executive session.

I have received a $2,000 loan offer from one director so far toward the mailing
cost of the PNO appeal. And, although we have about 1/3 available on the credit
card, we need to raise more for this mailing. The returns from the appeal
letter to PBS and NPR subscribers will be reported to the PNB so as to gauge
the effectiveness and adjust the next wave of appeals accordingly. For example,
and this was suggested by Jan Goodman, to offer a thank you gift as we do for
our on air drives and which may be a consideration for the subsequent mailing.

Union negotiations continue at three stations over accommodating our situation
at KPFA, WPFW and KPFK including staff reductions.

1. Restoring our CPB grants eligibility needs to be the first order of
business. Therefore, I think we first need to make sure that the business
managers are current with their reconciliations and schedules for 2015. The
prompt completion of 2015 will reduce the cost of the auditors which for 2013
and 2014 was significantly higher than expected. I recommend weekly updates
from all business managers and where the PNO is functioning in that capacity
for certain units, the same is expected of them. The updates should be in
writing and chronicle their progress every single week.

2. Although the former E.D. and by extension, yours truly, were tasked with
exploring mortgages, it's clear that in addition to the audit report, and
financial statements, the value of Pacifica's assets must be presented to make
a credible case. The audit report reflects our assets, post-depreciation. To
obtain either a mortgage or a credit line, a true market value picture of our
assets must be presented. I have therefore contacted an appraiser who's a
Pacifica supporter and who will appraise the KPFK property in October and he
has also made referrals for a business appraiser for PRA and property
appraisers in Berkeley and Houston for our real estate properties there as
well. We can later obtain appraisals for our licenses. The point is, we must
know the true value of our assets. Certainly NOT in order to sell them but
rather to leverage them for credit lines, a mortgage or in the case of the PNO,
to lease. In other words, in order to make an informed decision, we need to
have this basic information. This information coupled with the audit report,
and current financial statements are elements needed for consideration by
financial institutions as well as applying for grants. For example, we intend
to apply for grants for the renovation of the PNO plus adjacent, which are in
dire need of repair and renovation for our employees in the PNO and to maximize
the value of that property for lease or mortgage.

3. We are in need of a webmaster or webmaster service provider who can develop
and maintain services for pacifica.org and also for other units in need of
these services. Some of our sites are not user friendly and are not
sufficiently interactive to be useful to listener growth and donations through
the sites.

4. I've consulted John Crigler about the feasibility of an internet station to
start with, in Chicago so as to introduce a new listener, member and revenue
stream in a city with activism and vibrancy that wholly compliments our
mission. My understanding is that because most of the licenses are based on
audience and since we wouldn't have much to begin with, the cost per license is
only in the hundreds. We would initially fill the station's airwaves with
existing programming from our stations, until we introduce locally produced
community programming.

5. In 2014, the PNB in essence tabled consideration of a Lease Management
Agreement (LMA) or Public Service Operating Agreement (PSOA) for WBAI and so
it's the PNB who would need to take it off the table for reconsideration or for
me to solicit updated proposals. The process, if the PNB were to choose to
engage with any entity is a lengthy one. If the PNB even wants me to solicit
more information or updated proposals or to even see if any of the 2014
applicants are currently interested, I just need a motion to allow that. This
does not need to be a motion to approve a given proposal or even to enter into
a LMA at this juncture.

6. The station and unit managers are in the process of producing their cash
flow plans but I believe the more credible projections are for three months.
Without the expectation of guaranteed funds from CPB for example, they can
basically only factor in their expected reductions and fund drive numbers based
on recent past performances, some major donor and some events. Beyond that, it
gets very speculative. What I've asked for are specifics per pay period for
payroll and health care and central services. I believe these specific plans
should be provided quarterly.

7. Regarding a related bylaws amendment recommendation, I think it would be
most beneficial for membership to be afforded to all who donate $25 or more to
any of our units not just the stations units. It would serve as a beneficial
incentive to enable all of our units to offer membership.

CFO Agarwal's Comments on Recovery Plan

CFO's comments on Recovery plan provided by IED for Sep 15, 2016 meeting

In general, majority of action items should be part of a recovery plan.
However, waiting for a long time has only made problems worse. Most of the
proposed actions will have their intended effect in 6-12 months and will be far
short of the extent of turnaround needed.

Even after considering the savings of ED and CFO salaries, National Office is
suffering with an immediate cash shortfall of over $200,000. Recovery plan does
not cover any ideas for resolving short-term needs which are critical and can-
not be ignored. Both National office and PRA can-not sustain their operations
without payment of Central Services which is not being paid by the Stations.

Similarly, there are serious cash flow shortages at the stations which need to
be bridged soon. It is urgent that action be taken to address this immediate
need. I do not think that there is any need to charge the credit card for
mailing expenses for the fund drive. Enough effort has not been made to
generate no-interest loans. This should be sufficient to meet this cost, if
approached properly.

Most importantly, the plan does not assign responsibility who would perform the
assigned tasks or provide any deadlines when those tasks will be completed.

With respect to specific items, my views are as follows:

1. While restoring CPB funding should be a top priority, however, we should be
realistic in our expectations. We have so far not been able to complete FY 14
audit for last several months.

a. Capacity of the National Office has been degraded that it can-not hire and
retain skilled staff to complete FY 15 books and prepare schedules to provide
them to the auditors. Audit itself is going to take considerable time to
b. National Office does not have the staff to monitor the progress, remove
deficiencies and continue to make headways.
c. There are no full-time Business Managers at WBAI and WPFW. KPFK has not
hired a Business Manager although approval was given in Jan. 2016. Business
Managers need constant supervision and guidance to complete this task.
Reporting on a weekly basis will not help if there is no one in the National
Office to evaluate their work.
d. By the time the FY 15 audit is completed (approx. March 2017), FY 16 audit
will be due. It is highly likely that CPB papers can-not be filed until we have
the most current audit which will be way past into late 2017. CPB funding will
all be lost by then for FY 16.

2. While appraisal is required to know the real value of the assets, it is of
limited use in day to day operations. All external parties like Bankers,
Insurance Company and Auditors want to see improvement in cash flow. As per
accounting standards, these assets can-not be stated at their market value in
the financial statements. As these can-not be sold, they do not improve the
cash situation

3. No comment

4. We should look into the cost benefit analysis of an internet radio. I
believe that incremental revenue from such operations would be very minimal and
may not justify the efforts.

5. I support LMA for stations where no other option seems feasible. However, we
need to look into the terms and conditions very carefully. As they do not
assume old liabilities, we must consider how they have to be paid off

6. Even if the Unit Managers provide projections for 3 months, there would be
some road map to go with and hold them accountable. PNB needs to assign clear
responsibility and deadlines to have this task completed. Considerable work is
needed to bring any credibility in this process.

7. No comment

To recap, the recovery plan will not bring any short term relief which is
urgently needed. As Grant Lam (the auditor), is not aware of our cash flow
problem, he is not concerned how we manage our day to day business. In my view,
a Comprehensive Recovery Plan must contain the following additional elements:

a. Immediate plan for payment of essential services like payroll, audit fees,
insurance etc. at the National Office
b. Plan for payment of Election expenses
c. Formula for payment of Central Services on an ongoing basis
d. Ensuring adequate staffing at the National Office
e. Funding for upgrade of Great Plains and security software
f. Negotiation and reduction of debt with Empire State building
g. Negotiation and reduction of Democracy Now accrued liabilities and
commitments going forward
h. Programming changes at Stations to attract more listeners
i. Sharing best practices across stations to make fund drives more effective
j. Streamlining fund drives to increase fulfillment rate
k. Special campaign to appeal to major donors
l. Standard form of reporting by all Stations at regular intervals
m. Restructuring of PRA operations to reduce dependency on Central Services
n. Establishing a process to expedite decision making at the Board level,
particularly on financial matters

CFO Sam Agarwal's Final Report to PNB - Sep. 15, 2016

Concluding and Final Report

1. National Office matters

a. National office conditions continue to deteriorate at a fast pace. There is
no money to pay for essential services. All attention is focused to get enough
money to make its Sep. 30th payroll and health care payments.
b. A list is attached which shows the payments that need to be made for the
next 30-45 days with a total of approximately $250,000. A copy of the bank
statements as of 9/13/16 is attached which shows a balance of $1,807.57. This
demonstrates an extremely challenging situation at the National Office
c. A list of outstanding Central Services is attached. This by itself is the
root cause of the problem. National Office can-not function if the essential
blood supply is cut-off.
d. There is acute staffing shortage at the National Office. Since a Senior
Accountant (Consultant) has left about two weeks back, his replacement has not
been made. As there is no money, it would be irresponsible to hire someone. To
put it in perspective, there are 3 persons in the accounting team (besides CFO)
whereas there used to be 5 in 2015. Since then, WPFW and WBAI accounting has
also been transitioned to the National office but no additional staffing has
been made.
e. Under the circumstances, it would be futile to expect that FY 2015 books and
audit will be completed any time soon. There is substantial time and effort
needed to accomplish this task. Books are not in a shape where the audit can
even start anytime soon.

2. List of Outstanding Items

a. A list of outstanding items is attached to help my successor take care of
the priorities, going forward

3. FY 14 Audit is held up in need of a recovery plan, amongst other items. As
IED is pursuing these matters, a full detail is not provided here

4. There has been no improvement in Station's finances as was last reported.
Recovery plan must include resolving short term cash flow needs

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for giving me this opportunity. Whereas I may have
contributed to bringing an awareness of financial matters and getting
somethings done, I also learnt a lot. Most importantly, it was an unusual
experience to conduct Board meetings on the phone. It requires preparation of a
very different kind. I cherish this experience as it would help me in many
different ways.

Thanks again.

Appendix I - General Manager's Report

Report to the Local Station Board 16 October 2016
Roz Larman, host of "Folkscene" for more than forty years with her husband
Howard until his passing in 2007, herself passed away last weekend. As the L.A.
Times noted, "the Larmans became an institution in the local folk underground
as they helped expose music and artists usually ignored by commercial radio." A
tribute show is planned.

By the time of the meeting (but not as of this writing), the Business Manager
and Chief Engineer positions will have closed. On Monday, I will send selected
resumes to Raul Salvador, foundation financial consultant, and Jon Almeleh,
national technical director, for review.
We have hired Donna Walker as a half-time subscriptions assistant, partially
filling the full-time position vacated by Janee Taylor.

The fund drive has slowed down from a strong start. As of Thursday at 5PM, as I
write this, we are at $210,000, or $21,000/day after subtracting the listener
donations to Haitian hurricane relief. If we continue at this rate, we will
need to extend the drive 4-5 days to reach the $550,000 goal. We have also
agreed to add one day for the Pacifica Radio Archives so they can reduce their
traditional November 2-day drive by a day.

I would like to applaud our listeners, who've donated over $20,000 to aid
Haiti. I am coordinating with Margaret Prescod to identify a qualified
grassroots non-profit to accept the funds.

I'm attaching the latest revision of the budget. The major changes are
including the August income statement (attached), the September 30 bank
balance, and a tab called "Prioritize CS."
"Prioritize CS" is a demonstration of what it will take to make our full
Central Services fees, along with our payroll, health care, arbitration
settlement, and a portion of the outstanding premiums. Please note the
descriptions of reductions necessary to accomplish this in the far right
column, including eliminating office phones, reducing broadcast hours, and
giving up translators, repeaters, and two of our websites. It's also predicated
on making the same income without these resources, which is highly unlikely. If
the "Prioritize CS" budget is approved, we'll still be, at best, $57,000 short
of the money we'll need to pay off our premium and other debts. I hope the LSB
and KPFK's PNB members will actively oppose any such budget.

I met with the national finance committee on September 20, and I will be
meeting with them again on either October 18 or 25. They have passed a motion
to anticipate the same or greater National Office fees in FY17. We also
received a recommendation to increase income, and I would appreciate the LSB's
Assistance in formulating and committing to concrete plans to do that in time
for the Tuesday meeting. We will need $12-19K each month to fully fund the
National Office at our current obligation under the "Annual Budget" tab. I will
notify the LSB of the actual end date for the current drive as soon as it's
determined so you can organize your calls from Studio A to lapsed donors.
We have spent about $9,100 so far this month on premiums, with $4,100 budgeted
for the rest of the month, not including the hurricane relief monies. We will
deliver the bulk of those monies next week.
We will have completed the requirements for the 2015 audit as soon as the
National Office can research a few remaining items.

The operating bank account balance is $119,956.32 as of October 13. The most
recent income report is attached.

The elections were extended through noon on October 10. Between October 1 and
10 we played candidate carts in Spanish and aired a bilingual Spanish-English
candidate forum. We have agreed to advance $15,000 to pay TruBallot against our
October Central Service fees. The elections were declared closed with quorum on
October 11.

There have been problems with the air conditioning in Studio A, and we have
called our air conditioning service company for repairs. It should be noted
that our AC company has advised us that several of our AC units have outlived
their rated service life.
An LSB member secured two computers for the station. Thanks for Doug for
changing light bulbs.

The Program Director has no report.
Greg Palast agreed to ten additional screenings of "The Best Democracy Money
Can Buy" to benefit KPFK. It was a stellar outreach event, and we anticipate
significant funds for the station. Staff and management made appearances.

We tabled at the Anarchist Book Fair.

The Association of Spanish-language Programmers held an event on October 8 in
the parking lot and raised about $600.

The Membership Director says, "Live long and prosper." KPFK Rpt to the LSB
4/16/2016 p. 3
Respectfully submitted,
Leslie Radford General Manager, KPFK 14 October 2016 p. 4

Addendum: Responses to September Motions, Appendices B and C

1) The advertising costs for the business manager and chief engineer positions
were accrued in September and so should not impact the FY17 budget.

2) The fund drive tab from last year is correct in amounts. It was incorrect by
about 3 days, which makes no difference to total income. The difference between
the finance committee chair's calculations, those based on the posted reports,
and this are that the posted reports include 7 days in May that only
programming originating at KPFA included pitches and 3 days in July when the
phone room was closed for the holiday weekend.

3) The pension monies are included in a line item in the budgets.

4) The plan for improved programming has not begun since the evaluation of
current programming is not complete.

5) Paying past premiums is included in the budget you have and the one
attached, in the tab "Accounts Payable" and carried onto the cash flow tab.