Local Station Board Meeting of July 17, 2016

Aris & Carolyn Anagnos Peace Center

3916 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230

Local Station Board (LSB) Meeting

I. Call to Order 10:40 a. m.

Roll Call Taken, Excused absences: Chair Sharon Brown and LSB Members Steve
Kaiser and Ali Lexa have requested excused absence. Vice-Chair Roberta Eidman
will act as Chair for this meeting. All in attendance advised to please adhere
to established groundrules.

a) Present are Acting Chair Roberta Eidman, Secretary Jaime Gomez, Treasurer
Fred Blair, Parliamentarian Barbara Marbach, and LSB Members Grace Aaron;
Ken Aaron; Jonathan Alexander; Christian Beck; Sandy Childs; Leslie Fox;
Charles Fredricks; Aryana Gladney; Jan Goodman; Maggie LePique; Michael
Novick; Steve Pride; Dorothy Reik; Myla Reson; and Mansoor Sabbagh.
Arriving late are Lydia Brazon; Tej Grewall; Reza Pour; and Fernando
Velasquez. Also present is General Manager Leslie Radford.

b) Mansoor agrees to be timekeeper.

c) Proposed agenda approved as amended for Q&A of GM's Report. New Business
motion to be heard after GM report.

d) Motion to approve Secretary Jaime Gomez and Parliamentarian Barbara
Marbach to sit in on closed session. Motion carries 15 to 1, with no

e) Minutes of 06/19/2016 approved by consensus, with two abstentions.

f) Time certain to adjourn of 2:00 agreed upon by consensus. Time certain for
Executive Session of 11:45 a.m.

II. General Manager's Report

Leslie Radford: We are in the middle of fund drive. We are about $90,000 below
our goal, but it is doable. We are working with National Office on election
coverage. We will be taking calls on national election coverage, and donations
will be divided between stations by National Office. I am putting an ad-hoc
programming committee together because Alan Minsky will be going to Green Party
convention in Houston. We continue working with LES, Chance, who is doing a
great job. Nothing broke down this month, except for a stopped up sink in the
ladies room. We continue being involved in the community. We are attempting to
get permission to broadcast pop-up rage concert. Safe Harbor poetry is tonight.
The problems with fund drive is we have too many. It is very difficult to do
innovative work or anything creative during fund drive.

GM Answers during Q&A: We will be sending out two broken microphones. We have
ordered new headsets, we are missing four from Amazon.com. Maggie, Christine,
Adam, Alan, and Fernando are being consulted on programming issues (ad-hoc
members). Election supervisors will be in charge of the get-out-the-vote
campaign. I am not sure what is wanted from Treasurer in terms of budget report
that is being requested. GM asks Treasurer to respond. Treasurer Fred Blair
will work with GM on format of budget being requested. Have not seen webcasting
motion, I do have paid staff motions on file. Web pledges are directly paid
through paypal, and are not noted until pledge drive is completed. HD was
offered some years ago, but Pacifica stations have passed on that (except
Texas). It is beyond our means to convert our station to HD at this time.
Subsidies are not significant. I can't take a vacation until we have another
check signer at the station, so I am not stalling on hiring a business manager.
I cannot make changes to financials, which is why the reports given to
committees are not as good as I would like. Elections are totally separate from
station management. There are no new details on SAG-AFTRA negotiations.
Management working on the negotiations are myself, Executive Director, and
Station Attorney. There is a document floating around where CFO is quoted . . .
He told me, Leslie, I do not make such statements. Thanks for bringing this to
my attention. Secondly, as you continue to request information from me, I have
a lot on my plate at KPFK right now, and I have to pay extra to others to
prepare these reports right now. Compared to KPCC and KCRW, we have very little
staff with which to work.

III. Non-Confidential Budget Document Motion: Motion carries 13 to 3, with 3
abstentions. (Appendix B)

IV. Public Comments #1 (11:38 -12:15): (30+

A commotion was caused during public comments when School of Public
Broadcasting (SPB) videographer, Jose Benavides, was instructed by Chair to not
film in the Local Station Board member (horseshoe) area. Mr. Benavides was
argumentative about leaving the restricted area. When approached by LSB
Secretary Gomez, who asked for Mr. Benavides to please move over a couple of
feet so that he would be outside of the restricted LSB member seating area, Mr.
Benavides verbally assaulted Secretary Gomez, telling him to "sit the fuck

Board Member Tej Grewall further exacerbated the melee through her verbal and
physical intervention by countermanding the Chair's directive for Benavides to
leave the restricted LSB member seating area, and further caused unwanted
physical contact with the LSB Secretary by brushing up against the chest of the
Secretary as he was speaking with Jose Benavides. Jose Benavides never left the
restricted area as instructed by the LSB Chair, and continued filming from the
restricted area until the board went into closed session.

V. Closed Session (12:15 to 2:15):

Share Out: The Local Station Board deliberated about confidential personnel
matters during closed session.

VI. Closing Business

Next month's LSB meeting to begin at 11:30 a.m., to be preceded by 10:00 a.m.
continuation of LSB Executive Session (closed to the public).

Meeting adjourns at 2:20 p.m.

Appendix A - Required Notices

Proper notice of this meeting was posted on the KPFK Calendar and at the
Pacifica Calendar as required.

Appendix B - Passed Motion: GM Must Provide a Non-Confidential Budget Document

Whereas Article Seven, Section 3 of the Pacifica Foundation Bylaws states that
reviewing and approving station budgets and making quarterly reports to the
Foundation's Board of Directors regarding station budgets, actual income and
expenditures are specific powers and duties of the Local Station Board (LSB).

And whereas, the National Finance Committee of the Pacifica National Board
stipulated that the General Manager's (GM) first draft budgets for fiscal year
2017 was to be provided to the finance committees of the LSBs by July 1, 2016,
so the LSBs would have adequate time to review and approve their individual
station budgets.

And whereas, reviewing and approving a budget involves open discussion of said
budget among LSB members, members of the Finance Committee and interested
members of the public.

And whereas, it is the responsibility of station management and/or the iED to
negotiate all labor issues with the union, and said negotiations are outside
the purview of the LSB or its committees.

And whereas, a draft budget marked 'Confidential' was submitted to the LSB
Treasurer on July 1, 2016, with the explanation that the need for
confidentiality was based on ongoing union negotiations.

We, therefore request a budget document that can be discussed openly by the
LSB, the Finance Committee and interested members of the public, and we further
require that any references to confidential personnel matters be excluded.

We look forward to receiving the GM's first draft of the 2017 fiscal year