Local Station Board Meeting of June 19, 2016

Aris & Carolyn Anagnos Peace Center

3916 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230

Local Station Board (LSB) Meeting

I. Call to Order 10:45 a. m.

Recognition by Chair of Oaxacan fundraising effort. Roll Call Taken, Excused
absences: Jan Goodman requested excused absence. Chair asks for moment of
silence for victims of Orlando massacre.

a) Present are Chair Sharon Brown, Vice-Chair Roberta Eidman, Secretary Jaime
Gomez, Treasurer Fred Blair, and LSB Members Grace Aaron; Ken Aaron;
Christian Beck; Sandy Childs; Leslie Fox; Charles Fredricks; Tej Grewall;
Steve Kaiser; Maggie LePique; Ali Lexa; Michael Novick; Steve Pride; Myla
Reson; and Mansoor Sabbagh. Arriving late are Jonathan Alexander; Lydia
Brazon; Aryana Gladney; Reza Pour; Dorothy Reik; and Fernando Velasquez.
Also present is General Manager Leslie Radford.

b) Steve Kaiser and Mansoor agree to be timekeepers.

c) Proposed agenda approved as amended for Q&A of GM's Report. Q&A to be
extended ten minutes.

d) Minutes of 05/15/2016 approved by consensus.

e) Time certain to adjourn of 2:00 agreed upon by consensus.

II. General Manager's Report

Leslie Radford: Here today to ask what your budget priorities are. I have met
with staff and Finance Committee. It is on you (LSB) to review budget at your
July meeting to approve budget and make any corrections to be passed on to
national board. If we take this year's revenue and expenses, add in cost of
bringing staff back to 100%, we are down by $365,000 dollars. Per powerpoint
chart: Internal Advances is $250,000 of the $400,000 dollar budget. Internal
Advances are money owed to General Services of Pacifica (national). Propose to
pay Pitney Bowes next year, and not the national office. If so our debts drop
to $165,000. We are short $400,000. We have two great unknowns. One is
arbitration, the other is union contract. So if we continue at current fund
drive @ $20,000 a day, our current expenses will be $3,257,000. Fund drive days
projected to be 163 days. Arbitration is confidential, so I am unable to
discuss personnel matters in public forum.

Board Q&A: Radford: Don't know about plan for revenue improvement because
national has not approved any such plans. They have insisted that we continue
using our current budget numbers. The National Finance Committee will not allow
us to present a budget for money we have not yet brought in. We have to use
historical data on what we are able to bring in.

Radford: Website has not fundamentally changed. I agree we need a more
contemporary website. It has to be a user friendly format for our programmers.
There are a lot of considerations needed to be considered. $5000 for website
busts the budget, and I cannot authorize that. If this body wants to bust the
budget, I will defend it to the CFO with your backing. I can tell you right now
how to save $20,000 to $25,000 dollars. This could be saved quickly by not
sending out slate mailers this year. LSB can help station by finding sustainer
members for our station.

III. PNB Directors & Treasurer Reports

PNB Directors

Grace Aaron: The PNB is illegally constituted as we agreed in several LSB
resolutions. PNB continues to not discuss severe financial crisis we are in.
Some of us are calling for a special PNB meeting for June 26 to go over our
financial situation.

Jonathan Alexander: As Grace said, we are crumbling, financially, and PNB is an
illegitimate body that is not taking this seriously. We may also lose our
archives, which is in jeopardy after the displacement of Brian DeShazor.

Michael Novick: Fundraising suggestions have been turned down by national
finance committee. There is a special meeting set for a week from today to
address financial situation. KPFK is the only of our stations in the Black.
WBAI and WPFW are severely underperforming. This threatens the solvency of the
whole network. The leadership team has been meeting for years, and includes the
CFO, the ED, The station GM's and PD's, and have weekly phone conferences.

Treasurer's Report by Fred Blair: KPFK is financially running in place. We are
bringing in exactly what we are spending, and staff is still at 80%. And KPFK
is considered best station in the network. Pacifica has problems making payroll
at east coast stations. I don't know what the answer is other than to develop
increased revenue through improved content. May fundraiser did 85,000 dollars
better than projected. Premiums are a factor, which may be a problem in the
long-run. Main thing we have to think about is budget development for fiscal
2017. We have to insist on getting a realistic budget from GM.

Board Q&A to PNB Directors/Treasurer

IV. Public Comments #1: (15 minutes)

V. Bylaws Motion (Governance): Passes 15, 6, with 2 abstentions. Roll Call
vote as follows: Ayes=Roberta Eidman, Steve Pride, Charles Fredricks, Steve
Kaiser, Mansoor Sabbagh, Fred Blair, Ken Aaron, Myla Reson, Christian Beck,
Leslie Fox, Grace Aaron, Ali Lexa, Sandy Childs, Jonathan Alexander, Maggie
LePique. Nays=Arayana Gladney, Lydia Brazon, Michael Novick, Reza Pour,
Fernando Velazquez, Tej Grewall. Abstentions=Sharon Brown, Dorothy Reik. --
Roberta Eidman moves that Delegates Assembly be removed from agenda. Motion
carries, with one objection.


a) Motion to Form Search Committee for Program Director (Personnel): Passes
as amended, 20 to 2. The amendment increased maximum number on committee
to eight persons. The eight LSB member volunteers approved by the LSB to
be on this committee are: Dorothy Reik, Jonathan Alexander, Steve Pride,
Charles Fredricks, Michael Novick, Reza Pour, Mansoor Sabbagh, and Myla
b) Motion to Protect and Assist Pacifica Archives (Finance): Passes with 16
ayes, and 4 abstentions.


a) Motion to divide Motion to Amend KPFK Hardship Waiver Policy of 4/7/2007
(Governance): Fails 12 to 9, with one abstention. Results of Roll Call
Vote are as follow: Ayes=Reza Pour; Fernando Velazquez; Dorothy Reik; Tej
Grewall; Myla Reson; Aryana Gladney; Lydia Brazon; Charles Fredricks; and
Michael Novick. Nays=Ken Aaron; Leslie Fox; Grace Aaron; Ali Lexa; Sandy
Childs; Jonathan Alexander; Maggie LePique; Steve Pride; Steve Kaiser;
Mansoor Sabbagh; Fred Blair; and Roberta Eidman. Abstention=Christian
Vote on Motion to Amend KPFK Hardship Waiver Policy of 4/7/2007: Passes
13 to 9, with 1 abstention. Results of Roll Call Vote: Ayes=Fred Blair;
Mansoor Sabbagh; Steve Kaiser; Steve Pride; Maggie LePique; Jonathan
Alexander; Sandy Childs; Ali Lexa; Grace Aaron; Leslie Fox; Myla Reson;
Ken Aaron; Roberta Eidman. Nays=Fernando Velazquez; Reza Pour; Michael
Novick; Charles Fredricks; Lydia Brazon; Aryana Gladney; Tej Grewall;
Dorothy Reik; Sharon Brown. Abstention=Christian Beck.
b) Motion to seat Non-LSB Members to Personnel Committee: Passes by
c) Motion to seat Non-LSB Members to Personnel Committee: Passes by
d) Motion of Emergency Request for IED/PNB Regarding Pacifica Archives
(Governance): Passes without objection, with 8 abstentions noted.
e) Public Comments #2: (15 minutes)
f) Motion to extend meeting by ten minutes to finish up new business: Motion
carries by consensus.
g) Motion to maintain Staff Membership Profile (Governance): Passes 17 to 3,
as amended, with 3 abstentions. Amendment added parenthetical after number
five as follows: (to be updated quarterly).
h) Motion to Request Information from GM on Webcasting and Archives
(Programming Oversight): Motion carries with no objection.
LSB Regular Meeting June 19, 2016 10:30 AM (Peace Center)

VIII. Closing Business: Meeting Adjourns at 2:05 p.m.

Appendix A - Meeting Notice

Proper notice of this meeting was posted on the KPFK Calendar and at the
Pacifica Calendar as required.

Appendix B - Passed Motions

B1. Pacifica Bylaws Motion

Whereas, on 03/25/2016, the KPFK Local Station Board passed a motion directing
all four KPFK Directors to uphold the Pacifica (PNB) Bylaws, and further noted
that failure to adhere to the Pacifica Bylaws and to ensure compliance with
state and federal laws could result in removal of one or more KPFK Directors by
this body.

And whereas, on 04/17/2016, the KPFK Local Station Board passed a motion
resolving that the PNB remove delegates and directors (elected prior to 2012),
who were improperly seated as delegates and directors according to the PNB
Bylaws. And further that the two affiliate directors be removed from their
Affiliate Director seats because of their improper seating according to the PNB
Bylaws. (Yeakey/Hauptmann)

And whereas, on 05/15/2016, the KPFK Local Station Board passed a motion
condemning the PNB exclusion of WBAI directors, contrary to PNB Bylaws.

And wherefore, the KPFK Local Station Board considers the current Pacific
National Board to be illegitimate due to the improper seating and exclusion
from seating of Pacifica National Board delegates and directors.

Therefore, the KPFK Local Station Board resolves that no PNB Bylaws changes may
occur unless and until all PNB directors and delegates are properly seated
according to the current Pacifica National Board Bylaws.

B2. Motion to Form a Program Director Search Committee

The LSB shall immediately form a Program Director Search Committee, composed of
5-8 members. The purpose is to complete a search process creating the pool of
candidates for Program Director for the LSB's consideration.

B3. Motion to Protect and Assist the Pacifica Radio Archives

The KPFK Finance Committee and LSB appeals to the KPFK General Manager to allot
fundraising time to catch up, at least partially, on our Central Services debt
as this debt is contributing to possible harmful staff cuts at the Pacifica
Radio Archives which could seriously harm the Archives, and invaluable Pacifica

As an alternative, that KPFK allow the Pacifica Radio Archives to have some
time on our air to appeal for funding, on an emergency basis, so that the
Archives do not have to lay off staff. Further that this on air fundraising be
done in conjunction with other stations throughout the Pacifica Network, or if
that isn't possible, at KPFK alone.

B4. Motion to Amend the KPFK Hardship Waiver Policy Passed by the LSB on August
4, 2007 and Form a Hardship Waiver Taskforce

Resolved that the Governance Committee recommends the LSB adopt the following
components of a KPFK Hardship Waiver program, as defined in the Pacifica
Bylaws, Article 3, Members of the Foundation, Section 4: Waiver of

1. The application forms (see attached) for the waiver be posted on the
website, be available by request through US (snail) postal mail and/or
email, and be available in the lobby of KPFK in the reception area.

2. To continue to support KPFK's need for volunteers, community participation
and financial support, KPFK will limit the number of Hardship Waivers
approved to 6 per calendar quarter, not to exceed 24 per year.

3. The criteria for approval are restricted to a simple declaration that a
contributor has been a regular listener to KPFK, and a supporter of the
Pacifica mission, is in financial hardship and provides a statement as to
why he/she is unable to fulfill the minimum requirements for membership.

4. These waivers shall be subject to the record dates as are all memberships
for voting.

5. That KPFK staff, programmers and volunteers shall be provided with up-to-
date information on this policy and be prepared to instruct listeners on
how to apply for the waiver.

6. That notification shall be given regularly on air and on the website, at
the discretion of management, of the waiver program.

7. That a Waiver Task Force of 2 or more board members, elected by the LSB by
majority vote or Single Transferable Voting if contested, review or
oversee, as deemed necessary, approval of submitted waiver application

8. That in the event of a dispute over approval of any waiver(s), the Task
Force shall present the matter for resolution by the full LSB.

9. If the LSB fails to resolve a dispute by the record date, the waiver shall
be deemed approved.

10. Upon passage of this Motion, the LSB Secretary will inform the KPFK
General Manager, Membership Services Department and the Local Election
Supervisor of the policy and request its implementation across all
relevant systems.


I wish to become a KPFK Member/Subscriber and am applying for a Hardship Waiver
as defined in the Pacifica Bylaws.





I am a regular KPFK Listener Yes ____ No ____

I support the Pacifica Mission Yes _____ No ____

I am experiencing Financial Hardship Yes _____No _____

I am unable to fulfill the minimum requirements of regular membership ($25 per
year donation or 3 hours as a volunteer) for the following reason.

Just for information, what are your three favorite KPFK Programs?


Date of Application: Date Approved: ______________


Quisiera ser miembro/ subscritor de KPFK y solicito librarme de la cuota anual,
debido a dificultades económicas, como se permite las normativas de la emisora

Nombre y apellido: ______________________________________

Dirección: __________________________________________

Teléfono(s): _________________________________________

Correo electrónico: _____________________________________

Soy un oyente asiduo de KPFK: Sí_____No_____

Apoyo la misión de Pacifica: Sí_____No_____

Estoy atravesando penuria: Sí_____No_____

Por las siguientes razones me veo incapacitado de cumplir con los requisitos
mínimos de la membresia estándar ($25 al año como donación a la emisora o
trabajar 3 horas al año como voluntario).




Por favor, quales son tres KPFK programas favoritas?

Fecha de solicitud___________ Fecha aprobada__________

B5. Motion to Seat Non-LSB Members to Personnel Committee

Two non-LSB members were nominated and elected to be members of the 2016 KPFK
Personnel Committee. This vote was conducted by 9 seated LSB members as per the
Staffing Policy passed by the LSB on April 17, 2016.

The Personnel Committee requests that the LSB vote to accept the following
members in good standing to be voting members of the Personnel Committee:

Jaime Gomez

Alan Coie.

The following LSB members were seated on May 23, 2016: Jan Goodman (Chair), Ali
Lexa (Vice Chair), Charles Fredricks (Secretary), Sandy Childs, Myla Reson,
Steve Pride, Michael Novick, Fred Blair and Leslie Fox.

B5. Motion to Seat Non-LSB Members to Programming Oversight Committee

Two non-LSB members were nominated and elected to be members of the 2016 KPFK
Programming Oversight Committee. This vote was conducted as per the Staffing
Policy passed by the LSB on April 17, 2016.

The Programming Oversight Committee requests that the LSB vote to accept the
following members in good standing to be voting members of the Programming
Oversight Committee:

Thomas Halle

Sherna Gluck.

B5. Emergency Request Regarding Pacifica Archives

Emergency Request for the Pacifica Executive Director and the Pacifica National
Board put forward by the following PNB Directors: Grace Aaron, Jonathan
Alexander and Jan Goodman as well as the KPFK LSB

Whereas Brian DeShazor has tendered his resignation as Director of the Pacifica
Archives after a salary reduction of 25% and threatened cut of health benefits
which has presented a serious hardship for him,

And, whereas, the loss of Brian DeShazor would seriously undermine the
stability of the Archives,

And, whereas, Brian DeShazor has done an excellent job of maintaining the
integrity of the Archives for close to 2 decades,

And, whereas, it would be extremely difficult to replace him,

And, whereas, losing Brian DeShazor will mean the loss of hundreds of thousands
of dollars in future grant funding as stated by Josh Shepperd, Assistant
Professor of Media and Communication, Catholic University, Washington, D.C.,
Director, Radio Preservation Taskforce, National Recording Preservation Board,
Library of Congress,

And, whereas, the Pacifica Archives has elevated the reputation of Pacifica in
important and influential circles and has probably afforded Pacifica protection
from loss of FCC licenses and our nonprofit status,

And, whereas, the savings that would be achieved as a result of this cut in
salary would not be any more than $25,000 or $30,000 per year, which is a very
small amount of money and would not significantly help the Foundation,

Therefore, be it resolved that the Pacifica ED immediately rescind this salary
reduction and ask Brian to continue in his current position and take one or
more of the following actions to ensure that the Archives has enough money to
operate for at least the next year:

1) Authorize a network-wide 36 hour fund drive for the Archives within the
next 2 months to be carried on a mandatory basis by all 5 stations (an hour or
2 of a fund drive of this nature would be enough to fund the proposed amount of
salary reduction), and/or

2) Do a special mailing to contributors to the Archives to raise the
approximate amount that is mentioned above, and/or

3) Make other less draconian cuts either in the Archives or other Pacifica
stations or units to restore his full salary and secure his benefits.

B6. Staff Membership Profile Motion

Staff Membership Profile

The following information is required for all staff paid and unpaid for
emergency purposes and to qualify as candidates and/or voters in the Staff LSB

1) Full name

2) Full address

3) Phone number

4) Email address

5) Emergency contact information in case of illness or injury (to be updated

6) Name of above Staff Member's Supervisor at KPFK

7) Volunteer or paid staff duties

8) Number of hours worked in the last 3 months

9) Signature of Supervisor validating above information

The Supervisor of the staff member shall make 3 copies of these forms. One
shall be kept by the staff member's Supervisor, two shall be given to the
Membership Officer who will maintain this information and forward the third
copy to the GM. This information will be made available to the Local Election
Supervisor as needed.

B6. Motion to Request Information from GM on Webcasting and Archives

Programming Oversight Requests information from the General Manager on the
procedures and status of adding new programs to the KPFK On-line Archives and
streaming webcasts.