Meeting opened at 7:20pm

Convening members

Joseph Davis
Wesley Bethune
Gerald Lynch
Anisa Faruqi
Clif Smith
Nancy Saibara-Naritomi

Joseph Davis elected pro-tem chair and secretary HNO.

Proposed Agenda:

7pm call to order

7:10pm election of pro-tem chair and secretary

7:20pm approval of proposed agenda

7:30pm discussion of objectives in programming: FCC law, fund-raising, and PR
mission statement guidance, especially sections 3, 4 and 5.

8:15pm Discussion of the appropriate responsibilities of each actor in
delivering our programming, and structuring means to enable each to achieve
their objectives while not interfering with other responsibilities. Means to
ensure the rights of each actor are protected while achieving the overall goal
of delivering the programming the community wants.

9pm adjourn

Agenda Approved, HNO.

Motion: "Whereas the Programming Committee needs to contact programmers for
input and redress of their concerns, we request the LSB have station management
provide a complete and comprehensive list of all KPFT programmers."

The next meeting of the Programming committee will be March 28, 7pm
at THEO's at 812 Westheimer.

Meet adjourned at 8:45pm