PACIFICA, KPFT-LSB, Governance Committee
Convening meeting, March 3, 2016
1900 (7pm) CST, 812 Westheimer Road, THEO'S

Proposed Agenda

100: 7pm Opening business; Joseph Davis, Governance convener
110: Roll of 2016 membership
115: Elect pro-tem Chair and Secretary
120: Approve Agenda
130: Approve previous minutes

500: 2000 (8pm) public comment

700: Unfinished business

800: New Business

810: Motion on discipline methods from Dec 9, 2015 LSB meeting

motion to establish a special committee or task governance to create
standard sanction set to discipline members disrupting lsb and committee work.

whereas, the lsb and it's committees have very limited time to perform their

whereas, disruption of lsb and committee work, intentional or not is effective
sabotage of the Pacifica corporation business.

whereas, no board member has the right to sabotage the orderly conduct of
business in lsb and committee meetings

whereas, adherence to rules of order protect all members rights, minority
and majority

establish a set of standard procedures to correct disruptive behaviour
through a sequence of measures designed to warn, educate, correct and
dismiss to restore functionality of these bodies.

Sanctions should be designed to initially warn of infractions, secondly to
correct through educational means, thirdly to correct through disciplinary
action, and finally to dismiss for habitual misconduct.

Expectations should be made clear, and each members disciplinary record
available to the board members to review as needed to establish appropriate

An effort should be made to inform the voting body of elected members
displaying disruptive behaviour.

This matter shall be referred to governance committee for further
development of policy in accordance with the above.

820: Motion on standard procedures for filling LSB openings after
latest election lists have been exhausted. See text.

900: Closing business

910: Schedule next meeting
Proposed Aug 26, 2015, same location as acceptable

990: 2100 (9pm) Ajdourn