WPFW Regular LSB Meeting
February 10, 2016
1990 K Street N.W. Washington, D.C.
Olayimika Cole,
Ellen Carter New Secretary
I. Call to order
Olayimika Cole called meeting to order at 6:45 pm.
Roll call
19 members were present at roll call: Jim Brown, Tony Leon, Tony Norman, Eric Ramey, Nancy Sorden, Louis
Wolf, Maskeelah-Myrtle Washington, Ron Pinchback, Gloria Turner, Jay NightWolf, Al Clark, Sabooh Hikim, Campbell
Johnson, Donald Washington, Lona Alias, Ellen Williams Carter, Martha Peterson, Vickie Mc Gill, Robin Hernedez
Marion Douglas-Ungaro, Michael Washington, Ermias Wosenu, Olayimika Cole
Absent: Jay W Nightwolf
The GM Jerry
Paris was present.
The IPD Katea Stitt was absent.
Appointed Timekeeper: Al Clark
Motion to revise Agenda: Submitted by Maskeelah-Myrtle Washington
6:50 Motion was made by Maskeela -Myrtle
Washington to amend the draft agenda. She requested that the relocation committee report be presented first. The motion
Motion was approved.
Approval of the minutes.
Minutes were approved.
III. Committee
Relocation Committee: submitted a written report
1. There is a need for a company to represent our search
for a permanent building for
2. Our lease expires in two and a half years.
3. General Manager was told
that the building was still projected to close. If it does not close on the projected date, the lease maybe extended for
another year.
4. The lease was given to the LSB but it was confidential.
6. There is no
contract with CRESA yet.
8. The General Manager has not viewed the relationship with CRESA.
9. There is no charge
to use CRESA the bill will go to the seller.
A Motion was submitted regarding the relationship with CRESA.
I move
that the LSB accept the WPFW Relocation Committee’s recommendation that CRESA is the preferred realty company and the
LSB will engage in discussion with CRESA subject to approval by the LSB and the General Manager.
Motion: Submitted
by Maskeelah. A vote was taken and the motion was approved unanimously.
Finance committee
1. The business manager
reported that he is not happy with the cash flow. WPFW is behind on the National Office payments.
2. The February
Fundraiser should cover the next two months expenses.
3. The WPFW Budget is still not approved.
4. The cash flow
is not negative.
5. The business manager is moving amounts around.
6. Bud (the business manager) wants us to add
our actuals.
7. The business manager is working on past accounts payable.
IV. Community Comment
Jabarri feels
the financial situation is worse than stated. We need to cover all areas of the election not just the democrats and
republicans. He wants more factual content and more issues covered. He reiterated that we need to attract young
listeners. He raised concerns about hearing a PSA mentioning Rock Newman.
Another community member wanted Connie
Picciotto who kept vigil near the White House for 32 years to receive recognition.
Two community members want News
Round Up with Askia Muhammad to return to the airwaves.

Another community member wants more information on
the air about Mayor Muriel Bowser’s announcement that the District of Columbia has reached a settlement in the
Exelon-Pepco merger negotiations. He reiterated that we need to attract young listeners.
Starr wants the coverage of
the Democrat and Republican discussions to be more open. The public affairs programs need to have listeners call in. She
is concerned that Live @5 is not bringing in any money and the person doing the booking is paid. Also, she feels that
the LSB member’s absent excuses need to be addressed.
Thomas O’Rouke raised concerns about hearing a PSA mentioning
Rock Newman and Pohanka. He wants to volunteer to help with the Town Hall. He stated that Flashpoints was a good news
Benito Diaz congratulated the LSB for moving on the proposal to engage CRESA. He wanted to know what
happened to the LSB show the last two weeks. He agrees that live @5 needs to be moved. He stated that management needs
to make cuts. He stated that the Programming covering the election should not repeat what other media cover. He feels
instead, it should speak to the people’s agenda.
Committee Reports continued:
Outreach and Development
The proposed fundraisers:
1. 5 mile walk for programmers. TBA
2. Carter Barron concert $25 or $30
3. Spring Fling Saturday, May 14, 2016
Program Committee: submitted a report
1. Establish a tech committee
no vote taken.
2. Bill of Rights –no vote taken
3. Program change policy – no vote taken
4. Complaint and
grievance procedures – no vote taken
5. Staff and programmers training needs to be addressed.
6. Media sponsorship
needs to be addressed.
Questions and Statements:
1. Campbell Johnson said that we should get a copy of these Bill
of Rights and Grievances prior to voting on them.
Response: They were sent out this week but some board members
received them last year.
2. Marion talked about the United Nation Working group for people of African descent needs
to addressed and programs need to address ethnic cleansing. She stated that these are issues should be in the core of
our programming.
V. General Manager’s report
1. Connie Picciotto who kept vigil near the White House for 32 years
was mentioned on the air by the GM.
2. WPFW’s finance situation has us out on a ledge.
3. In 60 to 90 days we
need to do something about the transmitter.
4. As of February 10, 2016 the pledge drive has raised $24,000.
5. The
pledge drive begins on the 7th and continues until 27th February.
6. After one more finance meeting the budget should
pass at the National Office.
7. People want to underwrite programming.
8. Liability for a suit owed is $7,000. It
will be broken into 3 payments.
9. Sam who is the new CFO at Pacifica is aggressive and is trying to clear things
10. The business manager is in contact with Pacifica.
11. The transmitter is holding up but it needs
12. Monday two degrees from the transmitter cutting off the GM installed an air conditioner in the room which
lowered the temperature to 20 degrees.
13. He stated that he trying to make live @5 work or he is doing away with
14. People interested in renting the live @ 5 room. The GM is pursuing renting the room out. Radio Columbia
wants to use the room as well as some other organizations.
15. During the convention coverage the GM wants to cover
what is going on outside the convention.
16. There are personnel issues that require the GM to meet with union
regarding PIP (performance improvement plans).
17. Transmitter is holding up but it needs parts. The Chair of the
LSB asked for $62.50 from each LSB member for the transmitter.

Tony said he did not see a break
down for the transmitter costs.
Tony says we need to make some cuts.
1. The probationary period for programmers
needs to be addressed by the programming committee.
2. Marion suggested a yoga program for the live @5
3. The staff has received a raise but they have not received their bonus increase. They will get a 2%
4. Ron stated we need a media underwriting policy.
5. Jim stated that we need to look at the policies that
we are proposing.
VI. Election of Treasurer
Treasure pro tem
Michael Washington
Elected by
VII. Actionable actions to vote on
Bill of Rights vote
Lona felt we should table this
until the next meeting.

Al stated that we should vote on this at the next meeting as an action item as part of
the March meeting agenda.
Motion was approved.
It will be an action item for the LSB March meeting
change policy
Lona felt we should table this until the next meeting.
Al stated that we should vote on
this at the next meeting as an action item as part of the March meeting agenda.
Motion was approved.
It will be an
action item for the LSB March meeting
VIII. IPD report
1. WPFW did a remote broadcast of the United Black Fund
Martin Luther King Jr. celebration and Bus Boys and Poets celebration.
2. WPFW will do a remote broadcast from the
Civil War museum.
3. WPFW will do a remote broadcast Homeless marathon.
4. WPFW will do a remote broadcast on the
28th from dance place.
5. WPFW is planning a Gala in April.
IX. PNB Committee Reports
1. Chair pro tem of PNB
is Tony Norman
2. There was a problem created by WBAI during the vote for officers.
3. The PNB is going to meet
about WBAI Lydia Menion Executive Director.
4. The New York situation is inhibiting the work of the
5. Everyone was amazed at the disruption Tony Norman navigated through it.
Unfinished Business
planning dates, agenda, orientation, and facilitator. Fundraising goals
X. Adjournment
Olayimika Cole adjourned
the meeting at 9:50pm
Meeting adjourned at 9:50pm
Minutes submitted by: Ellen Williams Carter Secretary of the