Times not firm; listed as guidance, except bold.

1. a. Call to Order and
Opening Business 4:00 pm
Seat delegates by 2016 LSB Chair
Election of
Chair 05m
b. Roll Call / Establish Quorum 05m
Election of

Listener Delegates Staff Delegates
Teresa Allen Alán Alán
Apurim Don Cook Tony Cox
Ira Aghai Anisa Faruqi Susie Moreno Joseph Davis
Adriana Casenave
Bill Crosier DeWayne Lark Mike A. Lewis
MariaElena Castellanos Hank Lamb Wesley
Bethune George A. Reiter
Phil Collins Gerard (Jerry) Lynch Deborah Shafto Cliff Smith
Saibara-Naritomi Susan Radwan Ted Weisgal Vinisha Patel-Adams
Duane Bradley, GM (Ex

2. Approval of Proposed Agenda 10m

3. Approval of November 11 Special Delegates Meeting
Minutes 10m

4. Appoint an Election Teller

5. STV Election of Three Listener-Sponsor
Directors 60m
20 minutes per

6. IRV Election of a Staff Director 20m
20 minutes per

7. Delegates Minutes Approval Committee Meeting 10m

8. Adjournment