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REGULAR MEETING, January 24,2016
Montrose Center, 401 Branard, Room 112, 2:00

2:30 Chair DeWayne Lark called meeting to order
Agenda was read by Joseph Davis
Roll Call – Joseph
P = present, A = absent, X = excused absence, S = suspended , 24 members, 13 quorum level
Dewayne Lark P Deborah Shafto P
Adriana Casenave P
Anisa Faruqi A
Susie Moreno P
Susan Radwan P
Phil Collins P Bill Crosier P

Nancy Saibara-Naritomi P
Don Cook P
MariaElena Castellanos P Teresa Allen P

Alan Alan Apurim P Ira Aghai P

Wesley Bethune P Gerald Lynch P
Ted Weisgal
Staff Members
George Reiter P Vinisha Patel-Adams
Joseph Davis P Clif Smith P
Tony Cox P
Mike Lewis P
Hank Lamb S
Duane Bradley : ex-officio member A
members initially present, quorum achieved.
Chair DeWayne Lark presided over the seating of the new
Motion by Adriana Casenave to approve the outstanding 2015 minutes, January 14, February 11, March 11, April
25, May 13, June 10, July 8, August 12, September 9, October 14, November 11 and December 9, passed without objection.


Nominations taken for chair pro-tem. Teresa
Allen nominated George Reiter elected without objection
George Reiter assumes the chair pro-tem.
Nominations are
taken for chair. Westley Bethune nominated DeWayne Lark. Deb Shafto nominated Hank Lamb.
Nominations are taken for
secretary pro-tem. Vinisha Patel-Adams in nominated by Joseph Davis. She is elected without objection.
are taken for Secretary. Susan Radwan is nominated by Adriana Casenave.
Nominations for vice chair are taken. Ted
Weisgal is nominated by Joseph Davis.
The nominees for chair are allowed 2 minutes to speak.
George Reiter makes
a motion that after the election of treasurer there be 30 minutes for listener comment. Passed without
George Reiter makes a motion to allow Hank Lamb an opportunity to speak for his chair bid, if not, to
allow Deb Shafto to speak for him. There were comments on the motion.
George Reiter moved that no more than 3
minutes be used for comments. Motion passed without objection.
George Reiter called to question asking if there was
any objection to going to vote? Passed without objection.
The pro-tem chair’s motion to allow the suspended member
to speak failed by a vote of 4 yes, 9 no.
George Reiter made a ruling that Deb Shafto could speak for Hank Lamb.

DeWayne Lark challenges the ruling of the chair and spoke to motivate his challenge.
The challenge succeeds and
the ruling of the chair is overruled. Yes = 4, No = 11.
DeWayne Lark speaks for 2 minutes for his bid for chair.

Joseph Davis distributed the STV ballots. DeWayne Lark was elected. DeWayne Lark 17 votes, Hank Lamb 4 votes.

Ted Weisgal, vice chair nominee and Susan Radwan, secretary nominee are elected by acclamation.
Nominations are
taken for Treasurer. Ira Agahi was nominated by Bill Crosier. Ira Agahi declined. Joseph Davis was nominated by Nancy
George Reiter ask for objection to Joseph Davis as Treasurer. Hearing no objections, Joseph Davis
is elected Treasurer.

George Reiter moves for a 5 minute
break. 6 for, 4 against.
DeWayne Lark resumes the chair.
MariaElena Castellanos arrives and is marked
The new secretary is seated.
Public comment
Confidentially agreements are signed by the new members.

DeWayne Lark sets the next LSB meeting for the second Wednesday of Februrary.
Meeting is adjourned at 4:20PM.

Draft minutes submitted by Susan Radwan, secretary with input from Joseph Davis and Vinisha

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