KPFK Minutes for 01/24/2016: Delegates Assembly Meeting

Meeting convenes at appx: 2:00 p.m.

Michael Novick chairs, takes roll call. Delgates present are Aryana Gladney;
Tej Grewall; Sharon Brown; Roberta Eidman, Fred Blair, Grace Aaron; Ken Aaron;
Jonathan Alexander; Christian Beck; Sandy Childs; Leslie Fox; Charles
Fredricks; Jan Goodman; Stephen Kaiser; Maggie Lepique; Ali Lexa; Michael
Novick; Reza Pour; Steve Pride; Dorothy Reik; Myla Reson; Mansoor Sabbagh;
Fernando Velasquez; and Lydia Brazon

Motion to approve prior minutes. Motion to table approval of minutes. Seconded.
Approval of minutes is tabled.

First order of business is election of officers.

Jan Goodman motions to seat same officers as were elected to LSB. Seconded. No
objections. So done.

Motion for five additional minutes of public comment related to Officer
elections. Motion is approved by consensus.

Jan Goodman, Grace Aaron, Ken Aaron, and Michael Novick are nominated as
candidates to the Pacific National Board. All candidates accept nominations.

Candidates make statements.

LSB members provide questions for candidates, and candidates answer questions

Public Comments

Candidates respond to public comments

Vote Teller Terry Goodman coordinates voting process for Pacifica National
Board delegates.

Terry details Instructions. Threshold for Listener Candidates being elected
during the first round is 7.

Ballots counted. 24 ballots. Grace Aaron=6, Novick=7, Goodman=10, Ken Aaron= 1,
First Round

Jan Goodman and Michael Novick elected during first round. Grace Aaron elected
during second round with 9 votes.

Staff elections: Ali Lexa, Jonathan Alexander, Steve Pride, and Fernando
Velazquez are nominated.

Nominated candidates make statements.

Questions of nominees from the board. Nominees respond to questions.

Public comments offered for Staff election to national board.

Candidates respond to public comments. Ali Lexa decides to decline to run and
recommends votes for him be given instead to Jonathan Alexander instead.

Vote Teller Terry Goodman coordinates voting process for Pacifica National
Board delegates.

Vote results: Jonathan Alexander=13, Steve Pride=4, Fernando Velazquez=7.
Jonathan Alexander is elected to National Board.

Lydia Brazon: Pacifica National Board meeting is this Thursday at 5:30.

Delegates meeting adjourned at appx. 3:00 p.m.