2015-06-30 KPFT Outreach Cmte. Minutes
Draft agenda:
I. Call to order & Roll Call
II. Approve Agenda
III. Set next meeting
IV. Action Items
V. Adjourn

2015-06-30 KPFT Outreach Cmte. Minutes
I. The meeting was called to order at 7:03pm ET. Present: Teresa Allen, Alan
Alan Apurim (late), Bill Crosier, Robin Lewis, Lydia Wacasey
II. T. Allen moved to add item of discussion of Cmte. email notification lists.
Approved without objection. Amended agenda approved without objection.
III. Cmte. Membership/Notification lists: volunteers can unsubscribe from our
Google list. We will continue using the Google list to notify volunteers to
sign-up for events. Chair or another Outreach Cmte. leader should perhaps be
trained to use this list.
IV. Set next meeting: Wed., July 29th at 7pm ET (6pm CT). We will try for 4th
Wednesdays, after soliciting feedback from S. Radwan.
V. Action Items
* T. Allen will ask S. Radwan, J. Apolinar and L. Lopez whether they would like
to learn to use the Google list.
* T. Allen will send email to the LSB soliciting more participation on this
Outreach Cmte.
* L. Wacasey will clarify how CAB members can participate with Outreach Cmte.
and events.
* T. Allen will re-send list of Outreach Cmte. members to O. Maclay and J.
Almeleh (national staff) to update KPFTX.
* T. Allen will discuss Outreach Cmte. Chair/Secretary roles with S. Radwan
(assuming S. Radwan will serve as Chair).
* T. Allen will re-send 5-28-15 minutes with 6-30-2015 minutes to LSB and
Outreach members.
*T. Allen will schedule 7-29-15 meeting on KPFTX calendar as soon as discussing
availability with S. Radwan.
* For the next meeting-- all Outreach Cmte. members are asked to make a list of
potential Outreach events that we need to concentrate on.
VI. Meeting adjourned at 7:35pm ET.

Respectfully submitted,
Teresa J. Allen
06-30-2015; approved 2015-07-29