Roll Call

Approval of Agenda

Draft Agenda:

Approval of past minutes

Consideration of confidentiality policy and statements-Bernstein

Discussion of secessionist tendencies at KPFT-Reyes

RESOLVE that meeting dates (including recurring meetings on
the Pacifica Board Meeting Calendar) which have been established by a majority
vote of a committee, and properly
noticed, shall not be cancelled except by a majority vote at a properly noticed
meeting at which quorum is achieved or
by the written (email) consent of a majority of committee members. Written
(email) consent shall be sent to the entire

Whereas if general managers and business managers share financial documents
with the entire LSBs, then the LSBs can better carry out their fiduciary duty
and responsibility to the Listeners, and can more efficiently and expediently
address financial problems, working together with management, rather than
management not sharing financial documents with the LSBs, the PNB Governance
Committee recommends to the PNB Finance Committee and the PNB to pass this or
similar resolution for the sharing of all financial documents by management
with the LSBs, on a monthly basis. -Saibara-Naritomi

Membership rate discussion -Roberts

Adjourn 10:30ET