2015-05-28 KPFT Outreach Cmte. Minutes
Draft agenda:
1. Call to order & Roll Call
2. Approve Agenda
3. Review purpose of the Outreach Cmte.
4. Review events & take volunteer leaders
5. Town Hall Mtg.
6. Set next meeting date
7. Adjourn

2015-05-28 KPFT Outreach Cmte. Minutes
I.The meeting was called to order at 7:15pm CST
Present: Teresa Allen, Alan Alan Apurim, Ben Bayless, Bill Crosier, Susan
Radwan (convener), Nancy Saibara-Naritomi; Excused: Lydia Wacasey, Carolyn
II. T. Allen moved that Susan Radwan serve as Chair pro tem. No other
nominations. Approved unanimously. T. Allen offered to serve as Secretary pro
tem. No other nominations. Approved unanimously.
III. Approve Agenda: T. Allen moved to add discussion of Town Hall Mtgs. No
objection. Amended agenda approved without objection.
IV. Review purpose of the Outreach Cmte.: "The Mission of the KPFT Outreach
Cmte. is to make people aware of KPFT, solicit and manage volunteer staffing
for KPFT events, provide input to station regarding volunteer enlistment, and
coordinate any community outreach activities to increase participation and
listenership" Approved without objection.
**T. Allen will ask Duane Bradley which staff member is tasked to serve as
liaison to the KPFT Outreach Cmte.
V. Review events: General discussion of participation at Discovery Green,
festivals (as seen in Houston record of street closures), Fun Runs, etc.... &
take volunteer leaders
*Pride Parade & festival: B. Crosier will talk to R. Lewis and J. Valinski.
*Watermelon Fest: B. Crosier will talk to R. Lewis as this is a Development
*March for Mental Health Awareness: B. Crosier will see about media
sponsorship and whether we need to solicit volunteers.
*B. Crosier will send Cmte. members a list of upcoming community events for
*Hurricane Preparedness at George R. Brown June 6, 2015-not worth our time at
this late date.
*S. Radwan will send email to KPFT LSB asking for commitments to participate in
Outreach events.
*Skaryoke: T Allen will ask R. Lewis if we have paid or volunteer DJ.
* T. Allen will talk to C. Gallardo and others about volunteering for some
events. Other Cmte. members are asked to reach out also.
*Juneteenth: T Allen will talk to R. Lewis about a quarter-page flier featuring
KPFT programming of interest to the audience
*Kemah: T. Allen will talk to R. Lewis about participation.
To better organize our efforts, we will concentrate on:
A. Better outreach materials: *Get inserts for the KPFT Newspaper: T. Allen
will follow-up with E. Aguilar.
B. We must look for someone to project upcoming events 2-3 months before
each of our monthly meetings.
C. Clarify who will do applications to events and convince organizers to
(not charge) utilize us as media sponsors (AIDS Walk, Discovery Green,
Spring Crawfish Fest, Miller Outdoor Theatre, Peace Fest, etc.). *S. Radwan
will talk to R. Lewis and L. Wacasey.
D. Maintain Pool of Volunteers for events:*The Chair and the Outreach Cmte.
Liaison will maintain a pool of volunteers.
VI. Town Hall Mtg.: *In the interest of soliciting "views, needs & concerns" of
community members regarding radio, Outreach Cmte.members look for community
events with broad, diverse attendance with which to collaborate. Our Town Hall
Mtgs. could be a component of these events, such in the past at the Chocolate
Fest., HPJC events the, Book Fair sponsored by Nuestra Palabra, etc.
VII. Set next meeting date: Conference call on Tuesday, June 30th at 6pm CST
(7pm EST); *B. Crosier will put on the KPFTx.org schedule. Approved without
VIII. Meeting adjourned at 9:07pm CST.
Respectfully submitted,
Teresa J. Allen
Secretary pro tem
2015-05-31; approved 2015-07-29