Pacifica Radio Archives Task Force Meeting - Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mark Torres - Present
Adriana Casenave - Present
William Heerwagen - Present
Chuck ? - Not present
Teresa Allen - Present
Jim Krafka - Not present
Frank LeFever - Not present
Steve Pride - Present
Lamont Yeakey - Not Present
Cerene Roberts - Not Present
Brian DeShazor - Excused Absence
Jim Boyd - Not Present

Teresa Allen ,
Adriana Casenave ,,
Jim Krafka ,
William Heerwagen ,
Janis Lane-Ewart ,
Lamont Yeakey ,
Cerene Roberts ,
Jim Boyd <>,,,
Frank LeFever ,,

Proposed Meeting Agenda

I. Call to order & roll call
II. Election of Officers
III. Approve agenda
IV. Approve Minutes 2015-4-21, 2015-05-18, 2015- 06-18
V. Archives Director Report: Brian DeShazor & Mark Torres
VI. Relationship between Archives & Sister Stations When Fundraising
VII. Confirm next meeting
VIII. Adjourn

Teresa Allen nominated as task force chair. Approved by acclamation

Janis Lane-Ewart nominated as task force secretary. Approved by acclamation.

April 21, 2015 meeting minutes approved without objection. May 18, 2015 meeting
minutes approved without objection. June 18, 2015 meeting minutes approved
without objection.

Pacifica Radio Archives Director's Report: Delivered by Mark Torres as Brian is

In final months of Women's History grant program and a full complement of 2000
programs are in-house. Continuing with process to complete the deliverables
associated with grant. On course, to complete this grant, with assistance from
specific staff (Jolen Bieser and Joe Gallucci are archivists of the
aforementioned grant). Quality control is being completed by Mark Torres and
has been amazed at the depth and breadth of this collection from 1963-1982.
September 1, 2015 is the deadline for completion of this granted program.

Project has allowed the archives to complete data for recordings made during
the noted timeframe. KPFK's fund drive premiums are coming from PRA division.

Collaborative event at the premiere summer music festival call Grand
Performances in Los Angeles and served as official media sponsorship. This
allowed PRA to provide coverage (field reports) of Watts Rebellion Riot, as
this year is the 50th anniversary year. July 10 was date of event with over
3,000 people in attendance. The Watts coverage was woven into the ceremonial
event. No tapes were sold because the outreach effort was greater than the
possible revenue. Audience members did contribute donations as a result of this
shared content. This was an example of great community outreach and Mark noted
the hope of this translating into a strong KPFK fund drive.

PRA is still looking to receive central services funds in order to balance the
PRA budget. Payments were due in early June and all central services money is
not in from that specific tie period. Brian will send the figures of central
services to this committee for the minutes as well as a summary of what has
taken place since the June 2015 meeting.

Campus campaign project has been launched via emails to community educators.
Teachers are requesting free education primer CD in one of five categories:
Latin America, Women, LGBT, Civil Rights and General History. Mark is
optimistic this list of constituents will grow and working to grow list. Mark
is asking for email addresses of board members at network stations as a means
of reaching additional educators throughout the Pacifica station networks.

Mark notes feedback from educators tell him that reading textbooks are fine,
however hearing the actual history makers, in their own voices, adds
dimensionality to the learning experience for students.

Teresa asked if the archives maintain an email list. In order to get a free CD,
people had to complete a form that captures email list, noted Mark. Teresa
suggested putting together "a course" that pulls together several recordings
for teaching within classrooms.

Adriana raised a question about PRA financial status and Mark will ensure Brian
will address this issue with John Proffitt. Teresa suggests PRA have something
to sell at every outreach event. Mark agreed.

Janis reminded staff to consider a sustainer program with curated content, as a
reminder to Brian of another revenue source. Some additional revenue streams
would reach people independent of each network station. Executing a download
has not been mastered by staff; like an online store. Delivery of content,
outside of mailing

Jolen Bieser and Joe Gallucci are archivists of the aforementioned grant.

A motion was made at the May PNB Meeting to have quarterly content recorded and
sent to PRA. The cost to stations would be approximately $500 a month. It has
yet to be approved by the full PNB.

Stations will need a dedicated computer and software called Total Recorder to
have 24 hours of recording per day. There needs to be continuity of the
process and shared with each station manager.

Relationships - postponed until next meeting, allowing task force members to
come prepared to share comments, suggestions, etc. at the next meeting.

Next meeting will be August 18, 2015 at 7:30CDT.

Motion to adjourn accepted at 8:46pmCDT.

Draft minutes submitted by Janis Lane-Ewart, PRA Task Force Secretary and
distributed August 16, 2015.