From Various Locations via Telephone Conference
Minutes - Open Session (Approved May 5, 2015)
Tuesday, March 31, 2015-8:30 pm

Tony Norman Committee's Chair called the meeting to Order.
8:42pm, roll call was taken and Quorum was established by committee's
KPFA: Janet Kobren and José Luis Fuentes Román (arrived to the
telephone conference after roll call).
KPFK: Lydia Brazon.
KPFT: Adriana Casenave and George Reiter.
WPFW: Benito Diaz and Tony Norman.
WBAI: Carolyn Birden (arrived to the telephone conference after roll
iED: Margy Wilkinson.

Absents: Kim Kaufman, Raul Salvador and Cerene Roberts (emailed the
committee before the meeting indicating that her phone wasn't working).

8:43 pm Diaz/Wilkinson moved to: "Approve the Agenda", HNO it passed.
8:44 pm Wilkinson moved to: "Approve the Minutes of March 18, 2015", HNO
it passed.

8:45 pm various proposals were discussed for the PNB's In-Person meeting
of June 11-15, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA.

Wilkinson will ask NO's Secretary, Ms. LaSchele Mosley, the time limit to
submit information which will be added to the member's Packages for the In-
Person meeting.

Wilkinson will contact the GMs to let them know the time limit to submit
their Reports to the PNB for the In-Person meeting.

The PNB's Committee Chairs will be informed of the time limit to submit
their motions if they want it to be added to the "Packages".

Brazon volunteered to put together a document with all recommended ideas
(sent in writing) to discuss in the next Coordinating Committee meeting.

Next meeting was set for Tuesday May 5, 2015 at 8:30 pm
9:34 pm Adjourned.