From Various Locations via Telephone Conference
Minutes - Open Session (Approved March 31, 2015)
Thursday, March 18, 2015-8:30 pm
Tony Norman Chair Pro Tem Called the meeting to Order.
At 8:35pm, roll call was taken and Quorum was established by Chair Pro
Tem, Mr. Norman.
KPFA: José Luis Fuentes Román and Janet Kobren.
KPFK: Lydia Brazon.
KPFT: Adriana Casenave and George Reiter.
WPFW: Benito Diaz and Tony Norman.
CFO: Raul Salvador.
Requested Excused Absences: Margy Wilkinson and Cerene Roberts.
Absents: Kim Kaufman and Carolyn Birden.

8:37 pm Diaz accepted to take notes of the meeting.
8:38 pm Diaz motion to: "Approve the Agenda" passed Without Objections.
8:42 pm Brazon moved to: "Elect Norman as Chair". There were no other
Norman accepted and was elected Chair.
8:45 pm Kobren moved to: "Elect Casenave as Secretary". There were no
other nominations. Casenave accepted and was elected Secretary.

8:47 pm Brazon motion: "That the following two dates will be added to the
choices for the in-person PNB meeting previously proposed May 14-18 and
May 28-June 1:
Arriving in L.A. Thursday, June 4 and departing on Monday June 8 and,
Arriving in L.A. on Thursday, June 11, departing on Monday, June 15
All four dates shall be sent as options to the PNB and board members
should respond no later seven days following the email to the PNB. In the
event, some have failed to respond as requested, Coordinating Committee
Chair shall call those directors who have not responded. Chair, Tony
Norman and Secretary, Adriana Casenave shall also provide a tally
indicating board member preferences to present to the PNB for a vote."
passed Without Objections.

9:04 pm Kobren motion to add to the motion (That the PNB set as its
regularly scheduled Open Session special meetings the first Thursday of
every month from 8:30PM, E.T. to 11PM E.T.) approved in the Coordinating
Committee meeting of March 2, 2015: "except for the PNB Open Session
meeting of the month of April 2015. The meeting will be held on April 9,
2015, the second Thursday instead of the first Thursday of the month. "
passed Without Objections.

9:12pm Reiter motion to: "Executive sessions will be held on Thursdays as
needed, when there is no open meeting scheduled, with a time certain for
adjournment of 11pm ET." passed Without Objections.

Next meeting was set for Tuesday March 31, 2015 at 8:30 pm
Meeting Adjourned.