1. Call to Order (5 mins) Present for roll call: Adriana Casenave, Bill
Crosier, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Michael Novick, Cerene Roberts, Raul Salvador.
Joining later: Lydia Brazon, Barbara Whipperman.

2. Agenda Approval (5 mins) motions from Bill to amend times (add time for
discussion of CFO report) defeated (I believe vote was y-1, n-3, a-s) and to
extend end time by 1 hour (I belive defeated Y-1, N-7), motion to add update on
fund drives and budget dev process approved without objection

public recognition added by Adriana Casenave: Thanked KPFA for earlier support
for KPFT as indicated in the schedule of internal transfer distributed by Raul
for years 2000-2013, and thanked KPFA for its latest advance of $100K to KPFT
to launch new transmitter project.

3. Minutes Approval (5 mins) none

4. CFO Report (30 minutes)

* Discussion of major payables [amended without objection to include
other topics] (continued from last meeting)

Raul: AFR submission to the CPB ISIS entered, needs to be reviewed and new ED
John Proffitt needs to get access to sign off. Should be done by tomorrow. That
covers the necessary financial submissions to CPB; Otis Maclay is covering the
non-financial portions. Working on closing the books on FY2014 for audit. hired
a replacement for a temporary who had resigned and hired an additional person.
Armanino wants to talk with new ED prior to engaging for audit. They have sent
the schedules needed. Raul hasn't finished the budget proposal for the NO for
FY2016 yet, has some more data he needs and wants to confer with the new ED who
just started. Regarding budget development, met with iGM, treasurer, and
business managers at KPFK to review status update on FY2015 budget and provide
template for FY2016 -- all stations need to adjust projections for last 6
months of current fiscal year so that we have a stronger basis for generating
the next year's budget. The KPFT transmitter project is being boosted by a loan
from KPFA for $100,000 to start the project. There is about $23K in the capital
campaign account (some money was used for other purposes) and the station needs
to raise an additional c.$40K. The 2015 delegates election process is underway;
NES has been hired and GMs have been informed that we will be hiring local
election supervisors approximately June 1, and funds will need to be available.
Raul will be leaving his position effective May 15, but has volunteered to
assist with the transition after he leaves.

Discussion: The chair took the prerogative to express his thanks to the
outgoing CFO

(check the audio for other responses to the CFO report. Crosier asked about
reimbursements to restricted accounts at KPFK. Novick later replied that the
Indiegogo account collected for video equipment for televising Uprising had
been replenished; the status of the "Studio A" refurbishing account is unclear
as yet as to when money was removed, how much has been reimbursed, and how
proceeds from Dec. jazz fundraiser for Studio A were handled. Casenave
expressed concern about guarantees about proper use of capital campaign moneys
for KPFT transmitter replacement. Novick inquired about how the authorizing
motion from the NFC (which called for KPFT to have a repayment plan in place in
case of an internal loan, and also a plan for buiilding audience and growing
KPFT audience and support base with the boosted signal strength). Crosier asked
to speak with Novick off-line about KPFK's experience with boosting to full
strength from half strength for its signal.

6. New Business (15 minutes - if any)

* Special rule re: Reports: (Motion from BET) During the question period
following reports, any committee member may ask no more than three
questions or followups before yielding the floor to the next member on
stack. There shall be no limit on how many times a committee member may put
HIM OR herself on stack, but members who have not yet obtained the floor
shall take priority over those who have already had it.

Bill wants to amend it to ensure that meetings are long enough, suggests a two
hour minimum.
Adriana felt we need to have a mechanism for working effectively on issues.
Barbara indicated that the motion is only about how we handle reports, not
about all discussions or motions.
Bills amendment is to schedule meetings for at least two hours to allow
adequate time for discussion. He motivated it by saying that we could end the
meeting earlier if we moved to. Defeated Y-1, N-7
barbara amended motion to say "HIM OR herself" (see capitalization above) Vote
on rule: Y-6, N-1, A-1

state of fund drives and budget development process

wbai - cerene. fund drive doing okay ... finance committee hasn't dealt with
budget yet.
wpfw nobody to report
kpft- fund drive is coming in a bit short. have collected priority items for
this budget, lsb may address tomw or local budget comm will address.
kpfa - staff has been meeting, primarily to discuss uses of bequest. on fund
drive, mgmt has lowered goals and length because of bequest. with e reduced
goal, they came up short on reduced goal, things have picked up the last 3
days; if things continue to improve, they might meet the reduced goal of about
pra.; they have sent in paperwork for match grant, but they did not hold the
anticipated on-air drive. pbs has been working on video animation of pra audio
archival material -- there is one out of john coltrane, and they may serve to
promote pra materials for sale
n.o. budget should be forthcoming before raul leaves at the end of the week.
he is working through a proposal but hasnt had a chance to review it with the
new ED.
move to extend for 10 minutes approved w/o objection
Will there be changes in central services? Doing NO budget first to decide on
that. MN Need to keep in mind the pra central services -- may need an
adjustment there. Brian asked Raul if he had a chance next mtg may 26.

7. Adjourn (6:30PM Pacific / 8:30PM Central / 9:30 Eastern)

Submitted (5-15-15) by Michael Novick as Secretary pro tem in the absence of
Secretary R. Paul Martin