Pacifica Foundation KPFT FM 90.1 Houston, Texas
KPFT Local Station Board (LSB)
Special Budget LSB Meeting August 5, 2010 7:00 p.m.
Leisure Learning Offices, _____ Richmond, sixth floor, Houston, Texas

CALL TO ORDER: Board Chair, Mary Dennis called meeting to order at 7:20p.m.

Roll Call: Acting Secretary, Robert L. Mark/ Quorum established

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Exc Duane Bradley, General Manager (Ex Officio

Motion: Excused absence extended to Mike Jones, Dr. George Reiter, Wesley
Bethune, C. Lee Taylor, Liana Lopez and Staci Davis. motion approved.

Agenda Approval: Chair, Mary Dennis asked for order changes to Agenda.
Approved as originally noticed.

Budget Overview: Mary Denis provided a brief overview and encouraged all
members interested in the budget process to make an effort to attend budget
committee meetings. Rosalia Luera gave an overview of the budget process and
Alberto Luera reported on the timeline for budget. A handout on this process
was distributed. DeWayne Lark noted that the handout indicated that the
timeline was dated for the 2006 budget. Alberto Luera stated that this
timeline has been used for every budget since 2006.

Committee Report: Finance For specifics, please review audio to be posted at

Albrto Luera gave an overview of the income and expense parts of the budget.
Duane Bradley gave an overview of the Central Services expense item. This line
item represents a percentage of revenue from listener fund drives and is all we
pay to PNB for services provided directly by Pacifica. Special events and
other income is not subject to Central Services assessment.

There followed a question and answer period of the 2011 budget proposed by the
finance committee. For specifics see link at KPFT.Org when posted. The
discussion included but was not limited to the following:

~Continued ~

KPFT LSB Special Meeting Minutes of August 5, 2010 Page 2 of 3

A brief discussion of line item 78 Staff Health insurance. LSB members
expressed disappointment that part time employees could not be extended

It was noted that line item 133 represents the entire PNB budget for Board
Expense and should not be included in the KPFT budget. Line item 131 reflects
the actual KPFT portion of this expense. Further noted that election expenses
included in this line item may but will not necessarily extend into the fiscal
year, but thereafter there will be none as there are no elections in 2011.

There were questions about Line Item 96 Bank Charges and Line item 100 credit
card expense. The former are charges for banking services and the latter are
the fees we pay to banks to take donations for credit cards. These fees are
higher in fund drive months. Duane noted he is in negotiation for a better
rates. However, Bill Crosier noted that we have to have the same bank as the
PNB for ordinary banking services.

There were questions about line 145 Other programming RRC. This is the cost of
membership in Arbitron ratings service. It was questioned whether we benefit
from this expense in light of the fact we don't sell advertising. Richard
Uzzell said our grant from CPB requires us to buy this. But it was noted that
other network stations are not members. Staff was asked to look into why we
have to spend this if other stations don't.

There was a brief discussion of new revenue streams. Development is initially
recommending ethical sponsorship at 200 per month. More details at regular
meeting committee report. Also, there was discussion of web banners. Duane
Bradley briefly reported on grants.

Discussion of Syndicated Shows. Line 149 or Proposed budget. A handout was
distributed showing pledge comparisons by show. Another showing annual expense
by show. It was noted that Public Radio International has a flat fee for use
of the satellite and affiliation regardless of how many shows we take from them
We currently take BBC and This American Life from them as well as a fee to
rebroadcast these shows. It was noted that we were discontinuing World Café
which is a current expense.

The report also shows expenses for paid staff and the news department that were
asked to be kept confidential as they include employee salaries.

Ted Weisgal attempted to discuss the merits of BBC (as opposed to Cost) and the
chair ruled this out of order. The discussion would be limited to budget
implications only. There followed a general discussion of these shows.

Duane Bradley finally noted that revenue for Democracy Now was higher in the pm
rebroadcast than in the morning show. The question was asked if this was due
to the change in time from live broadcast to rebroadcast.

Robert Mark noted that for the fiscal year 2012 budget the LSB agenda should
contain an item to discuss budget priorities early in the fiscal year.
~Continued ~

KPFT LSB Special Meeting Minutes of August 5, 2010 Page 3 of 3

Audio available at

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Lee Greenwood Rollins at 10:21pm. Meeting

Next regular KPFT LSB Meeting: Date: August 18, 2010
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: TBA

Minutes Scribed and Prepared by: Robert L. Mark, Acting KPFT LSB Secretary

Minutes Approved by the KPFT LSB:

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