Minutes April 17, PNB Governance Committee meeting

Members Present: Alias, Brazon, Bernstein, Diaz, DixonBriggs,
Norman, Pritchett, Reiter, Reyes, Saibara-Naritomi, Wilkinson

Members Absent: Kaufman, Logan

Role Call
Approval of Agenda
Approval of past minutes
Reconsideration of elections motion for
Consideration of confidentiality policy and statements-Bernstein
Discussion of secessionist tendencies at
RESOLVE that meeting dates (including recurring meetings on the Pacifica Board Meeting Calendar) which have been
established by a majority vote of a committee, and properly noticed, shall not be cancelled except by a majority vote at
a properly noticed meeting at which quorum is achieved or by the written (email) consent of a majority of committee
members. Written (email) consent shall be sent to the entire committee-Heerwagen
Adjourn-10:30PM ET

moved to consider PNB confidentiality policy ahead of motion to consider elections policy.
Motion Passes

Roberts moves to strike Reconsideration of elections motion for 2015 from agenda.
Diaz moves postpone
till agenda of May 2 meeting.
Alias moves to table motion. Motion fails 5-5.
Discussion of presence of three
LSB committee members from WPFW.
Point of order by Burnstein that only members of LSB whose names were forwarded to
Secretary of PNB were entitled to vote on the committee.
Point of order agreed to by chair.
Diaz motion to
postpone fails 4-4
Roberts motion fails 5-5
Time for meeting expired
Dixon Briggs moves to extend time for 30
Motion Fails.
Meeting Adjourned.

Provided by chair, George Reiter