Montrose Community Center; Houston, TX

19:10 Chair DeWayne Lark called meeting to order.

Roll Call, P=Present, A=Absent, X=eXcused Absence, S=Suspended
|Listener Delegates |Staff Delegates |
|P Teresa Allen |P Alan Alan Apurim |P Joseph Kaye |P Jessica Apolinar |
|P Jim Boyd |P Mike Lewis |P Susie Moreno |P Tony Cox |
|P Adriana Casenave |P Jim Krafka |P DeWayne Lark |P Joseph Davis |
|P Maria Elena |S Hank Lamb |P Wesley Bethune |A Liana Lopez |
|Castellanos | | | |
|P Phil Collins |P Robert Mark |P Shafto, Deborah |P George Reiter |
|P Nancy |P Susan Radwan |P Williams, |P Vinisha |
|Saibara-Naritomi | |Bernadine |Patel-Adams |
|Ex-Officio Member: A Duane Bradley |

18 present, quorum at 13, quorum achieved.

Reiter/Krafka: moves: "The motion by Robert Mark item 1e, belongs in open
session and should not be considered in executive session"

The question is called, 16 for, 2 opposed. Debate is ended.

The motion vote is 9 for, 11 opposed, motion fails.

Mark, Krafka: moves : to change agenda executive session from "7:30-7:50" to
"8:30-8:50", approved HNO.

Agenda is approved HNO.

Casenave/Patel move: to approve block of unapproved minutes subject to later

Allen moves to append motion to exclude Nov 2015 minutes from block.

Casenave/Krafka: moves to table motion, approved HNO.

20:00 public comment

20:30 executive session - discuss Robert Marks motion regarding MSR report.

Report out of executive session: Marks motion failed.
Discussion of item 1f.

Mark: moves amend Davis by adding at end the following "This matter shall be
referred to governance committee for further development of policy in
accordance with the above"

Called question: 13 for, 2 opposed, debate closed.

Voting on amended motion given consensus of Mark amendment: 14 for, 2 opposed,
motion passes.

Discussion of item 1g, LSB fundraiser.

Volunteers for special committee to organize LSB fundraiser: Joseph Kaye, Susie
Moreno, Vinisha Patel-Adams, DeWayne Lark, Wesley Bethune, Deborah Shafto.

22:00 Meeting adjourned

Audio files
part 1 before executive session
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part 2 after executive session

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