Times not firm; listed as guidance, except bold.

1. a. Call to Order and
Opening Business 7:00 pm
DeWayne Lark, LSB Chair 05m
b. Roll Call
/ Establish Quorum/ Excused absence request 05m
Joseph Davis, Secretary

Listener Delegates
Staff Delegates
Teresa Allen Alán Alán Apurim Joseph Kaye Jessica
Jim Boyd Mike Lewis Susie Moreno Tony Cox
Adriana Casenave Jim Krafka
DeWayne Lark Joseph Davis
MariaElena Castellanos Hank Lamb Wesley Bethune Liana Lopez

Phil Collins Robert L. Mark Deborah Shafto George Reiter
Nancy Saibara-Naritomi Susan
Radwan Bernadine Williams Vinisha Patel-Adams
Duane Bradley, GM (Ex Officio)

c. Agenda

d. Minutes 05m

e. Robert Mark Motion 20m
I move that the LSB
rescind the prior action approving Motion to rescind approval of MSRC approval of evaluation of the KPFT GM and to refer
the matter back to MSRB for a more complete evaluation including input from entire LSB, staff, volunteers and listeners.
Notice is given to take up this matter at the December 9, 2016 LSB meeting. 20 minutes is required.
Session from 7:30 pm to 7:50 pm

f. Joseph Davis Motion

whereas, the Lsb and it's committees have
very limited time to perform their work.
whereas, disruption of Lsb and committee work, intentional or not is
effective sabotage of the Pacifica corporation business.
whereas, lsb and committee work has been delayed or
disrupted due to member misbehavior, as evidenced by the many unfinished lsb agendas.

whereas, no board member
has the right to sabotage the orderly conduct of business in Lsb and committee meetings
whereas, adherence to rules
of order protect all members rights, minority and majority
whereas, on multiple occasions community members have
addressed the Lsb to admonish it for allowing disruptive behavior in its meetings.

I move that we establish a set
of standard procedures to correct disruptive behavior through a sequence of measures designed to warn, educate, correct
and dismiss members to restore functionality of these bodies.
Sanctions should be designed to initially warn of
infractions, secondly to correct through educational means, thirdly to correct through disciplinary action, and finally
to dismiss for habitual misconduct.
Expectations should be made clear, and each members disciplinary record available
to the board members to review as needed to establish appropriate action.
Further, a record should be made available
to inform the voting body of elected members displaying disruptive behavior.

g. Motion to set date for LSB

h. Motion to set date for LSB Member Orientation

i. Budget and Finance Committee
Report 15m

2. KPFT Recognitions 05m

3. Consent Items: 05m
a. Governance
Committee Motion - from the Aug 26 2015 meeting.
"Ask the GM to present in writing at the next LSB meeting why the
presence of Nancy Siabara-Naritomi, LSB member, on the premises of KPFT will produce an unsafe work environment."

4. General Manager’s Report 30m

5. Chair’s Report 20m

6. Pacifica National Board
Report 10m

7. Standing Committee Reports
a. Development 5m
b. Budget and
Finance: 5m
c. Facilities Management and
Planning (written report posted) 1m
d. Governance 5m
e. Outreach
f. Technology 5m
g. Management Selection and Review:

8. Public Commentary [Time affixed at 8:00 pm] 30m

9. Special
Committee Reports
a. Community Advisory Board (CAB) 5m
b. Committee of Inclusion (COI)
c. Ad Hoc Committee on Program Council 10m
d. Planning Task
Force 2m

10. Unfinished Business 10m

11. New Business
a. Discussion on when and
how to go into executive session 10m
b. N. Saibara-Naritome: Motion for KPFT LSB Voting Reform 2015: 10m
Voting or vetting of election poll volunteers before who have no known or
obvious conflict of interests.
Early voting not allowed, or allowed by majority vote.
3) If a different number of ballots are returned, a revote is
in order.
4) Use of a camcorder video recording of tabulation if available.
5) Use of 2 clear
boxes with narrow slits to collect ballots one by one and each
added to the 2nd clear box one by one.
6) All
candidates sign each ballot.
7) All tabulation in the presence of the full board with only authorized poll
volunteers touching the ballots.

XI. 12. Order of Preference

XII. 13. Next
• Regular LSB: January 13, 2016, 7:00 P.M., Montrose Center, 401 Branard

14. Adjournment