Meeting Location: Montrose Center; 401 Branard St.; Houston, TX; 77006

20:05 Chair DeWayne Lark called meeting to order.

Roll Call, P=Present, A=Absent, X=eXcused Absence
Listener Delegates |Staff Delegates | |P Teresa Allen |P Alan Alan Apurim |P
Joseph Kaye |P Jessica Apolinar | |P Jim Boyd |P Mike Lewis |P Susie Moreno |P
Tony Cox | |P Adriana Casenave |P Jim Krafka |P DeWayne Lark |P Joseph Davis |
|A Maria Elena Castellanos |P Hank Lamb |P Wesley Bethune |P Liana Lopez | |P
Phil Collins |P Robert Mark |P Shafto, Deborah |P George Reiter | |P Nancy
Saibara-Naritomi |A Susan Radwan |P Williams, Bernadine |P Vinisha Patel-Adams
| |Ex-Officio Member: A Duane Bradley | |

20:10 Public Comment

Due to an offensive comment and physically threatening behavior from member
Hank Lamb at 1h56m58s into the combined meeting, a motion to censure member
Lamb was drafted immediately and passed.

Motion as amended from Davis,J/Kaye,J/Williams,B :" I move that Hank Lamb be
sanctioned for a racially charged slur on record against chair DeWayne Lark of
the LSB 2015 Nov 11, including standing up and aggressive behavior towards
member Adriana Casenave; as sanction require a written apology from Mr. Lamb to
chair Lark, member Casenave, entire LSB and Pacifica community to be delivered
to the Pacifica PNB with this motion, and to incur a two month suspension from
the KPFT LSB, and to attend a course for diversity training from the Episcopal
Fertile Ground Project"

By roll call vote, the motion passes:
2 Abstains:Reiter,G; Allen,T
4 Against: Boyd, J; Krafka,J; Lewis,M; Shafto,D
14 For: Cox,A; Davis,J; Lopez,L; Patel-Adams,V; Apurim,A; Bethune,W;
Casenave,A; Collins,P; Kaye,J; Lark,D; Mark,R; Moreno,S; Siabara-Naritomi,N;

LES report

22:00 motion to extend time 20 minutes, approved HNO

motion to amend agenda by
add item 3b ADRC report
drop item 1g
drop item 11a
drop item 11b
drop item 10
agenda approved as amended.

Next meeting scheduled for 2015 December 9, Montrose Center, Houston TX.

22:40 Chair Lark adjourns Meeting.

The audio files should be available for download from within the 2015
November 11 KPFT LSB meeting entry.

Md5sum filename size timeframe
8e4398094a4c56a80bc691525b136df4 151111-LSB-DEL.mp3 100623616 3h29m37s
6d838beff97df3fdc7bbbe586aeaf260 151111-KPFT-LSB-1.3.mp3 12948271 1h5m43s to
55e95336cb8b2c8388f5660212a8005b 151111-KPFT-LSB-2.3.mp3 13968300 1h56m27s to
9d10521eb65713df46f504a2ee55e28b 151111-KPFT-LSB-3.3.mp3 8531487 2h54m5s to