Meeting Location: Montrose Center; 401 Branard St.; Houston, TX; 77006

19:30 Chair DeWayne Lark called meeting to order.

Roll Call, P=Present, A=Absent, X=eXcused Absence, 22 members, 12 quorum level
|Listener Delegates |Staff Delegates |
|P Teresa Allen |P Phil Collins |P Robert Mark |P Jessica Apolinar |
|P Alan Alan Apurim |A Joseph Kaye |A Susie Moreno |P Tony Cox |
|P Wesley Bethune |A Jim Krafka |P Susan Radwan |P Joseph Davis |
|A Jim Boyd |P Hank Lamb |P Nancy |A Liana Lopez |
| | |Saibara-Naritomi | |
|P Adriana Casenave |P DeWayne Lark |A Shafto, Deborah |P Vinisha |
| | | |Patel-Adams |
|X Maria Elena |P Mike Lewis |P Williams, |A George Reiter |
|Castellanos | |Bernadine | |
|Ex-Officio Member: P Duane Bradley |

13 present at roll call, quorum achieved.

Item 1c: agenda approval.

Davis,J: Motion: Add to agenda as 2b "Appoint a new convener for local station
programming committee." HNO, agenda amended.

Lamb,H/Mark,R.: Motion: Add to agenda as 1h ""KPFA foundation discussion"

Casenave,A: amend HL motion, change 1h to 5a. 8 for, 3 opposed, motion amended.

Amended HL motion, vote 11 for, none opposed, agenda amended.

19:54 Agenda accepted HNO.

Item 1d, minutes. Being passed around for review, will return to when all have

Item 1e: KPFT LSB affirms PNB July 25 "End Hate-Race Resolution" HNO.

Item 1f: discussion of motion

20:00 Interrupt discussion for Public Comment

20:30 resume discussion of agenda item 1f.

Mark,R: Moves to amend by replacement 1f. Motion passes Unanimously.

"The lives of black and brown people matter, we condemn the continuous,
discriminatory and disparaging treatment of minorities by some Texas law
enforcement agencies, in view of the events which occurred in Waller, Texas and
close to the Mexican border where unidentified immigrant remains were buried in
garbage bags." The PD will communicate with all programmers, informing them of
this resolution and encouraging them to announce it to their listeners.

Item 1g: no recommendations yet, September 3, 2015 next Finance Committee

Ray Hill for Execution Watch
Bill Banks
Bill Crosier for volunteering at KPFT
Duane Bradley for renewing station license
Robin for fund-raising help.

Item 1d (resumed): Approval of July 2015 Minutes, HNO.

Item 2b: Nancy Siabara-Naritomi volunteered to convene KPFT local programming
committee., no other volunteers, appointed by chair to convene local
programming committee.

Item 3a: no report from Governance committee.

Item 3b: discussion of proposed KPFT town hall meeting.
Lamb, H: Motion to extend time 5 minutes: 7 opposed, 5 for, motion fails.

Item 4: General Managers Report.
Next pledge drive in 5 weeks.
Galveston repeater generates pledges.
Phone system damaged, programmers do not respect it.

Davis, J/Mark, R: Motion to adjourn, passes HNO.

Next meeting scheduled for September 9, 2015, Montrose Center, Houston TX.

2200 Chair Lark adjourns Meeting.

The audio files should be available for download from within the 2015
August 12 KPFT LSB meeting entry.

Md5sum filename size time, a few seconds of overlap is included.
72a0e6e53de8d081a6799c69562cb399 150812-LSB.mp3 223,737,522
c70f4067c16fd95298f8d777a0a3a3e1 150812-KPFT-LSB-1.2.mp3 17,606,113 1h13m21s
4f804ddf76f6f05d46a38eb23beadd26 150812-KPFT-LSB-2.2.mp3 19,363,109 1h20m40s