Montrose Center; 401 Branard St.; Houston, TX; 77006

19:15 Chair DeWayne Lark called meeting to order.

Roll Call, P=Present, A=Absent, X=eXcused Absence, 22 members, 12 quorum level
|Listener Delegates |Staff Delegates |
|P Adriana Casenave |P Robert Mark |X Teresa Allen |X George Reiter |
|P DeWayne Lark |X Maria Elena |P Nancy |A Jessica Apolinar |
| |Castellanos |Saibara-Naritomi | |
|P Alan Alan Apurim |P Jim Boyd |X Phil Collins |P Joseph Davis |
|OPEN SEAT |X Jim Krafka |X Richard Uzzell |X Liana Lopez |
|P Susan Radwan |X Joseph Kaye |P Susie Moreno |P Tony Cox |
|OPEN SEAT |P Mike Lewis |P Hank Lamb |P Vinisha Patel |
|P Duane Bradley |

13 present, quorum achieved.

Motion to excuse absences for Jim Krafka, Liana Lopez, Maria Elena
Castellanos, George Reiter, Teresa Allen, Phil Collins, Joseph Kaye, Richard
Uzzell passed w/o objection.

Motion: "The LSB moves that KPFT station management post Article 7, Section 3
of the Pacifica bylaws in it's entirety, previous minutes and LSB audio on the website." Motion passed without objection.

Chair requests committees post consent items on
Chair requests committees post committee announcements on

Treasure's report from Bill Crosier.

2152 Jim Boyd moves to adjourn, no second.

Next meeting scheduled for July 8. 2015, Montrose Center, Houston TX.

2200 Chair Lark adjourns Meeting.

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